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What’s in my (weekender) bag? | Packing for a weekend trip

I’ve done a couple of “What’s in my bag?” kind of posts, including my original handbag post and a more recent evening bag post. When my mom sent me a weekender bag — in time for me to try it out for a Memorial Day weekend visit to my friend Stephanie in Portland! — I thought it would be fun to highlight how I pack for a weekend visit.

Weekender bag

First up, closeups of the weekender bag my mom recently gifted me. It’s striped and on wheels, with a collapsible handle. It also has a zippered bit on the bottom to expand the bag if needed. There are also pockets lining both sides of the bag’s interior.

Librarian for Life + Style | Weekender tote, top view

Librarian for Life + Style | Weekender tote bag side view

Librarian for Life + Style | Interior pockets of the weekender tote

What I packed in my weekender bag

Below is what went into my weekender bag. I like to roll up undergarments inside each outfit, so every outfit is bundled together. Then I just stack the bundles up in my bag or suitcase, and everything is nice and tidy. There are lots of different ways to pack — and I looooooove reading all about different packing tips! — but I have found that this way works for me! 🙂

Librarian for Life + Style | Packing for the weekend


  1. Outfit for the trip back (floral shirtdress + black leggings, exact outfit previously seen here)
  2. Black sandals
  3. Metallic sandals
  4. Bronze shawl (to layer when cold, particularly on the train)
  5. Toiletries bag
  6. Pajamas
  7. Optional casual outfit (black & white striped tee + red shorts, to wear with black sandals — I didn’t end up wearing this outfit, but I always like to have an extra outfit on hand, just in case)
  8. Casual outfit (grey tee + tan shorts, to wear with metallic sandals)
  9. Travel pillow for my back or neck

And below is how everything fit into the bag, with room to spare:

Librarian for Life + Style | Packing for the weekend

My traveling outfit

Below are details of my traveling outfit, which I wore on the train down to Portland. I wore a grey scoop-neck tunic that my mom also recently sent me, and it’s so soft and comfy — perfect for traveling! I layered the tunic over leggings and my metallic sandals. A fabric belt helped give some shape to the tunic (which is a bit oversized on me) but didn’t feel restrictive.

Below is also a closeup of my accessories. When I travel, I don’t like to wear any jewelry except for one pair of earrings that go with every outfit. These topaz drop earrings are one of my go-to choices when traveling, because they’re so light, and the color is a nice neutral.

When I came downstairs, Sam remarked that it was a perfect traveling outfit, because, as he put it, “It’s cute and pulled together for traveling, and it looks comfy — but when you take the belt off, you’re ready to lounge!” Yep. 😉

Librarian for Life + Style | Travel outfit

Librarian for Life + Style | Travel outfit closeup

On the day of travel

And finally, a couple of pics snapped on the day that I travelled down to Portland by train on Memorial Day weekend. (Mom, I knew you’d especially like to see how I’m wearing the items you’ve gifted me — thank you for knowing my style! Love you, Mom ♥ )

And yes, my black + tan + white purse also coordinated with every outfit that I packed. Because OF COURSE. 😉

Librarian for Life + Style | Weekender bag and purse

Librarian for Life + Style | Travel outfit and weekender bag

What do you include in a weekender bag? Please share!

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