Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about me. I’ve also linked to related posts, when applicable. Enjoy!

Librarian for Life + Style FAQs

How long have you been blogging, and how did you get into it?

I started this style blog in April 2012, which is when I celebrate my “blog-iversary” (blog anniversary), but my blog archives date back to January 2012. Find out all the details here in my “Tell me why” post.

Are you really a librarian?

Yep. Second-generation librarian! My mom is a semi-retired school librarian.

What kind of librarian are you? How long have you been a librarian?

I earned my Master’s of Library Science degree almost 15 years ago. I’m an academic librarian, which means I work in higher education (college/university). More specifically, I’m a faculty librarian at a college, so a huge part of my job is teaching information literacy and research skills to any and all students across the curriculum.

Why don’t you blog more being a librarian / share what you read?

This blog is where I focus more on my personal style journey rather than on the details of my work life. The main reason is one of privacy — my own as well as the privacy of my students and library users. I am a librarian through-and-through, though, so that comes up a lot when I talk about my practicality, love of organization, and use of evaluation skills and keywords (even while shopping!). I did put together “A day in the life of an academic librarian” post, so you get a glimpse of a typically “atypical” kind of work day I have in and out of the library.

I occasionally share a bit about what I’m reading. I set up a Goodreads account years ago, but I almost never use it. But I have started sharing what I’m reading on my Instagram account!

Do you really wear the outfits on your blog?

Yep! I really wear each outfit (just not necessarily on the day that the outfit is posted on the blog). Since this blog chronicles my personal style journey, it’s important to me to show outfits that I wear in my personal life. Most of the outfits on this blog are of work outfits, but I also post casual outfits (mostly during the summer, when I’m off contract), as well as a few holiday or date night outfit posts.

Where did you get your glasses?

My current frames are from a Portland-based company, 141, that donates a pair of glasses for every pair they sell. They name their designs after local streets, and the style I chose turned out to be the “Alberta.” I got these glasses in spring 2013. You can read more about them here.

Where did you get your sunglasses?

The pair of sunglasses I wear the most often are a pair of vintage sunglasses of my mom’s from Dubai that my mom rediscovered and gave me a few years ago. I then had them updated for my prescription. You can read more about them here and here.

Librarian for Life + Style | My mom's vintage sunglasses

Where do you buy your clothes?

Lots of places! I am getting more into thrifting, and I also have quite a few vintage pieces and jewelry I’ve culled from family members. I also mix in affordable fashion from local shops as well as from more recognizable stores and brands. Here’s a quick list of budget-friendly places I regularly shop (and heads-up, these are affiliate links):

DSW  |  Gap  |  JCPenney  |  Kohl’s  |  Lands’ End  |  LOFT  |  Macy’s  |  ModCloth  |  Nordstrom Rack |  Old Navy  |  Target  |  The Limited  |  Zappos

Who takes your photos?

My husband takes most of the photos for this blog.

What kind of camera do you use?

Our first digital camera was a Canon PowerShot (which we still have and use on occasion), and we also have and sometimes use a Canon EOS DSLR camera. We take most of the photos for the blog using my smartphone, a Samsung Galaxy S4 S7. It’s easier to carry, and we can take photos on the “spur of the moment” when we’re out and about. It’s come in handy often, like when we end up snapping pics of outfits I didn’t necessarily “plan” to take photos of.

Do you make a lot of money with this blog?

I make enough money off affiliate links to pay for my blog domain and file storage fees, as well as the occasional pizza. Thank you, readers! 🙂 I didn’t start “monetizing” this style blog until fall 2014, when I signed up with an affiliate program. I talked about that change in this post here. I add affiliate links on outfit posts, to help interested readers locate exact or similar items. I earn a few cents per click, and there is no cost to readers.

I have also been fortunate to work with a few brands and companies who have sent me complementary products and clothing items to review. My reviews and opinions are always 100% honest. You can view these companies and related posts, as well as my collaboration policies, on my Collaborate page.

I’m visiting Portland — where should I go?

So many cool places to see in Portland and bookstores to browse and food carts to eat at… My blog is not a travel blog, but I do like to travel and highlighted cool things we see and do in Portland (although we now live a couple of hours north, in Tacoma, Washington). I did a quick keyword search on my blog archives for portland travel, so that might be a helpful starting point. Also, I would recommend the official Travel Portland website, which has tons of tips and info about places to see and things to do and how to plan a trip here. In fact, that might be a useful website for me to browse, as well… 🙂

Librarian for Life + Style | Four days of Portland sight-seeing

Do you have more questions you’d like to see answered here? Leave a comment or visit my Contact page and let me know! 🙂


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