Makeup, skin care, and hair care empties

I have been lucky enough to write a few reviews of skin care and hair care products over the years, but I thought it would be interesting to do an “empties” review of beauty products I have actually finished, or emptied. This idea came from a series of similar empties reviews from the Franish blog, and as Fran states, “I firmly believe that initial impressions aren’t sharing the full story, but continued use lets me give a more thorough and honest review of the product.”

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Brow pencil

Librarian for Life + Style | Closeup of Billion Dollar Brows pencil

First up, I received a brow pencil from Billion Dollar Brows back in Dec. 2015 — see my initial review of Billion Dollar Brows here — and I finally used up that pencil a couple of months ago. It’s a good, sturdy brow pencil that doesn’t wear off quickly, and the “taupe” color blends in well with my dark colored brows. I’ve used this brow pencil on its own, as well as in combination with the Billion Dollar Brows brow powder, also in taupe.

I noted that Billion Dollar Brows products were sold in Kohl’s stores, so I bought a new Billion Dollar Brows “micro” brow pencil, which a thinner tip, just to see if I liked the thinner tip better. Jury’s still out on that one — I’ll let you know! You can buy the original “universal brow pencil” here and the “micro brow pencil” here.


Librarian for Life + Style | Closeup of Aveda sunscreen

I’m now on my third bottle of the Aveda Daily Light Guard Defense Fluid SPF 30, which I originally bought and wrote about in my “Getting serious about skin care” post two years ago. I put this sunscreen on over my moisturizer on a daily basis. It’s light but not greasy, and it doesn’t dry out my skin, which is already on the dry side. The slim size also works for when I’m traveling!


Librarian for Life + Style | Closeup of Aveda moisturizer

I originally bought and wrote about the Aveda Botanical Kinetics Intense Hydrating Soft Creme moisturizer in my “Getting serious about skin care” post two years ago, and I am now on my fifth (or sixth?) container of this moisturizer. There’s a “soft creme” and a “rich creme” version, and my dry skin does better with the “soft creme” moisturizer. After washing my face in the morning, I put on this moisturizer. It sinks in while I get dressed, and then I put on the sunscreen, which I detailed above. I actually have TWO bottles of this moisturizer at any given time, one upstairs in our half-bath, and one downstairs in the medicine cabinet in the full bath, for when I take a shower in the morning.

I love this moisturizer because it feels light and non-greasy, but it’s heavy enough to take care of any dry patches on my skin. I’ve definitely noticed that I haven’t experienced hardly any dry patches on my skin since I started using this moisturizer.


Librarian for Life + Style | Closeup of Aveda concealer

I have just about used up this tube of Aveda concealer in “02 Balsa,” and I have already purchased another tube for when I finally empty this one. I basically use this as both a concealer and light foundation, and I put it on over the sunscreen and Aveda All Sensitive body formula oil which I use as a primer. I don’t wear concealer every day, but I do like that I save steps with this product, which is light but also heavy enough to smooth out my skin.


Librarian for Life + Style | Closeup of Native deoderant

I switched to this natural deodorant about a year and a half ago, which I wrote about in this “Everyday faves | Native deodorant” post in April 2017. I’m now on my third tube of the “Lavender & Rose” scent, which is very subtle and not overpowering (I also have two tubes of this deodorant in other scents, but this scent is my favorite). I also have a mini-size of this same scent in my handbag organizer, which has definitely come in handy. I really love this deodorant, including the free and fast shipping, and especially the super-positive and funny communications from the Native brand.

If you’re also interested in trying out Native deodorant, then you can get a FREE travel-size deodorant with your next purchase by clicking this link. Plus, Native ALWAYS has free shipping and free returns. (Please note that the link above is a referral link. This means when you get a free travel-size deodorant, then I’m eligible to get one, too. #GoNative!)

Dry shampoo paste

Librarian for Life + Style | Closeup of dry shampoo paste

I first wrote about how I use this R+Co. Badlands dry shampoo paste here in this “Everyday faves | Dry shampoo paste” post back in November 2016. I still use this dry shampoo paste on a weekly basis, and I’m just about finished with my first pot of the paste. I will definitely be buying another one! I love how this dry shampoo paste helps shape my short hair, and it extends time in-between washings. I can use it with either damp or dry hair, and it works whether or I air-dry or blow-dry my hair. My hair is on the thin, dry side, and this dry shampoo paste helps tame any flyaways, provide structure and hold for my hair — and it smells great! Highly recommended.

Shampoo + conditioner

Librarian for Life + Style | Closeup of Finesse shampoo + conditioner

I received my first bottles of Finesse Restore + Strengthen Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner via a Brandbacker campaign back in March 2017, as detailed in my “Review of Finesse shampoo + conditioner | Restoring my hair after a long winter” post. In the pic above are my second bottles of the shampoo + conditioner, and I’m just about to purchase my third bottle of the Moisturizing Conditioner.

(Note: I’m currently switching between using the Finesse shampoo and the Shiny Leaf Argan Oil shampoo, which I reviewed earlier this year here, which explains why I’m replacing the conditioner faster than the shampoo.)

So that’s my first “empties” review of beauty, skin care, and hair care products I’ve emptied. Do you like this kind of review? Would you like me to revisit my empties from time to time? Please leave a comment and share — I appreciate your feedback!

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