SIA round-up: Cleopatra

It’s my favorite part of the Style Imitating Art (SIA) challenges — the round-up!


It was my turn to curate the inspiration artwork, and I chose the poster for the silent film Cleopatra (1917) for its strength and seasonal colors. You can also read more about the background of the film, and Theda Bara’s star-defining turn as Cleopatra, online here and here. There is also a more brightly colored (restored?) version of the poster here, but I prefer the version below:

Poster for Cleopatra (1917), public domain

Poster for Cleopatra (1917), public domain


SIA co-host and co-founder Salazar @ 14 Shades of Grey chose a navy floral printed blouse to mimic the patterns on the poster, plus a pair of maroon jeans. Lovely!

Salazar's SIA post

Mike @ Post Card Purposes, a longtime SIA participant, also channeled Cleopatra’s no-nonsense, strong-armed stance and gaze. I love the colors he chose, with the blue shirt and burgundy long-sleeved tee.

Mike's SIA post

SIA co-host Daenel @ Living Outside the Stacks chose to go with strong, powerful colors, or as Daenel put it, “Emerald green, ebony, and deep purple make me think of royalty and, well, Cleopatra… ” I am sure Cleopatra would approve of those purple velvet Mary Janes! 😉

Daenel's SIA outfit

Kim @ Fierce Fashion blog is back with an outfit she wore to the Dali museum. I love that Kim wore an art-inspired outfit to an art museum, so meta! Also, the textures in her outfit, jewelry, and bag are super fun!

Kim's SIA outfit

Jodie @ Jodie’s Touch of Style sent in a photo of her mom, Charlotte (the 80+ model on her blog), that they took over the weekend. Jodie was combining orange and brown with another color, and Charlotte added in her print jeans. I am LOVING the mix of patterns!

Charlotte's SIA outfit

Leslie @ Once Upon a Time Happily Ever After thought of several versions of an outfit featuring an autumnal floral blouse as the focal point of her interpretation. Leslie is asking her readers to vote on which interpretation they like best and then she will share photos wearing the most popular version. So check out her blog for more photos and info!

Leslie's SIA outfit collage

Finally, there’s me, also channeling Theda Bara’s steely gaze. You can see more of my outfit and lots more details in Monday’s post.

Librarian for Life + Style | Cleopatra SIA outfit closeup

Thanks to everyone who participated in this SIA challenge! I appreciated how Mike put it when he emailed me his photo, that “I think we all needed this one.” ♥

Be sure to check out my fellow SIA co-hosts, Salazar @ 14 Shades of Grey and Daenel @ Living Outside the Stacks. See you next Monday for another SIA challenge!


3 thoughts on “SIA round-up: Cleopatra

  1. Mike

    We all did great with this challenge! I think that we all captured the essence of the poster in unique ways.
    And thank you, Jen. Yes, we truly did need this. It got to the point where I did not even want to turn on the TV or radio. Thank you again for letting me be a part of this SIA challenge.


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