Getting GLAM guest post

I’ve got a special treat for y’all today! I was so pleased to do an interview with Alison @ Museum Travelers about GLAMs, an acronym for galleries, libraries, archives and museums. Alison has started a monthly series about GLAMs; each month, she interviews someone who works in one of the four GLAMs, giving insight into how they got into their area of expertise, tips about visiting museums, and some of their favorite places to visit.

And this month, Alison is interviewing me! 😀

You may recognize Alison from her previous blog, Nouveau Northwesterners, as seen here from when she participated in a few Style Imitating Art challenges. Alison is an expat Aussie who used to live in the PNW and is now based in Switzerland.

Screenshot from the Museum Travelers site

Here are some — but not all! — of the questions I answer in my interview:

  • Do you plan holidays around visiting GLAMs? Or are holidays a chance to escape your work life?
  • To date, what has been your most memorable GLAM visit?
  • What is on your wishlist of GLAMs to visit?
  • Do you have any tips on visiting popular GLAMs? (cutting queues, free entry, etc.)

See y’all over at Museum Travelers!


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