SIA round-up: Native American Powder Horn with Wampum Shoulder Belt

It’s time for another Style Imitating Art (SIA) challenge, and it wa my turn to curate the inspiration artwork. After celebrating the Fourth of July holiday, I thought it would be fitting to honor our Native American tribes with this week’s SIA choice.


I chose this powder horn, ca. 1779–80, with wampum shoulder belt, ca. early 19th century. This horn is part of The Met’s public domain art collection.

Powder Horn with Wampum Shoulder Belt ca. 1779–80, via The Met, public domain

Powder Horn with Wampum Shoulder Belt ca. 1779–80, via The Met, public domain

The piece’s Native American roots are included in The Met’s description:

The style of engraving on this horn suggests that it was made by a Penobscot Indian, possibly for a Massachusetts soldier during the Penobscot expedition of 1779–80. Wampum belts, like the one associated with this horn, were used for trade among native peoples for centuries before the first Europeans arrived in the New World and then as currency between settlers and Indians from the mid-seventeenth century up to the early twentieth century.

And below is a closeup of the intricate carving on the horn. You can see more images of another similar Penobscot Indian horn here on The Met’s site, and you can read more about the Penobscot Tribal Nation here.

Powder Horn closeup, ca. 1779–80, via The Met, public domain

Powder Horn closeup, ca. 1779–80, via The Met, public domain

So what were y’all inspired by? Let’s enjoy the sartorial inspiration!


First up is Kezzie @ KezzieAG, who is a longtime SIA participant. She looks suuuuuuuuper cute in these scalloped shorts and tights and diamond-patterned button-front. As Kezzie said, “The beige blouse has a diamond pattern on it which I thought was suitable for the horn and I thought the scalloping detail on my shorts and the white buttons on my black coat worked well with the the beading of the strap detail!” Plus, Kezzie got a two-fer out of this challenge, as this entire outfit is also a Doctor Who cosplay outfit worn by Clara Oswald. I love multi-tasking! 😀

Kezzie's SIA outfit

My husband Sam had a similar idea to Kezzie, because he also chose a diamond-patterned button-front shirt to tie in with the horn! Sam went for a mix of textures, including the mother-of-pearl buttons on his shirt, the rope belt, corduroy trousers, and canvas shoes.

Sam's SIA outfit

Closeup of Sam's SIA outfit

Kim from the Fierce Fashion blog looks beautiful and boho chic in her crocheted skirt with fringe trim, light-colored tee, and animal print clutch. And the mix of textures, with the wide leather belt, pendant, and bracelet? SWOON. Totally on point for the inspiration artwork!

Kim's SIA outfit

SIA co-founder Salazar @ 14 Shades of Grey was very happy that her outfit came together quickly, including linen pants and brown strappy sandals to mimic the color and engraving of the horn. Her patterned shirt — are those gingko leaves? — reflects the patterned Wampum shoulder belt (and color). This is a perfect summer outfit, breezy and cool!

Salazar's SIA outfit

Co-host Daenel @ Living Outside the Stacks said she “kinda felt like an extra in Grease,” which made me laugh. (And makes me want to rewatch Grease!) 😀 As Daenel shared, the print in her blouse mimics the shoulder strap details, and her red lipstick reflects the bits of red in the carving. I love both her top — that Peter Pan collar! — and the strappy flats.

Daenel's SIA outfit

Finally, here’s my interpretation. You can tell that I also was feeling the touch of red lipstick like Daenel! You can see lots more pics — including closeups of my jewelry and accessories — on Monday’s outfit post.

Librarian for Life + Style | Black + tan + textures

SIA wrap-up:

Thanks again for a great round-up full of textures and patterns! I particularly enjoyed the variety of silhouettes (e.g. scalloped shorts, wide-leg trousers, fringed maxiskirt, fit-and-flare dress, skinny jeans).

Next week, Salazar @ 14 Shades of Grey will choose the SIA inspiration artwork. And be sure to check out fellow SIA co-host Daenel @ Living Outside the Stacks.


6 thoughts on “SIA round-up: Native American Powder Horn with Wampum Shoulder Belt

  1. Kezzie

    Ooh, I agree with the sheer variety of silhouettes!
    Kim’s outfit just fits the bill so well, I love the fringing- it really resembles the horn. Love Salazar’s trousers and top combo and HIGH 5 Sam for diamond patterns. Love yours and Daenel’s black outfits- cute collar and I adore that dress- plus the shooooooooooooooooes!

  2. Daenel Vaughn-Tucker (@DaenelT)

    Kezzie’s outfit is perfectly cute! And, as always, Yay, Sam! I’m so happy that Kim joined in again — love her skirt. And Salazar’s blouse is so pretty. I think I’ve already expressed my adoration for your outfit — love, love, love!!


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