SIA round-up: Memorial Day poppy

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And now it’s time to round up this Style Imitating Art (SIA) challenge and sartorial inspirations! Last week, I chose a hand-painted illustration and engraving, “Papauer I ‘Morpheus’. [Memorial Day Poppy].” You can read more about this hand-colored illustration here.

"Papauer I 'Morpheus'. [Memorial Day Poppy]" via Digital Public Library of America, public domain

“Papauer I ‘Morpheus’. [Memorial Day Poppy]” via Digital Public Library of America, public domain


First up is my friend and fellow librarian Stephanie, who’s back in fine SIA form. She layered fun, pink patterned leggings under a grey skirt and tee and yellow cardigan, finishing off with colorful accessories, including berry drop earrings, a textured green scarf, and pink-and-burgundy strappy sandals. And if you can’t tell from the photo below, her toenail polish is a deep racing green, which totally pulls the whole outfit together. 😀

Stephanie's SIA outfit

Closeup of Stephanie's SIA outfit

I’m so glad Bev @ Confuzzledom shared her SIA-inspired outfit, because how perfect is her floral top?! Be sure to stop by her SIA blog post for more pics and details about her outfit, including a closeup of her beautiful butterfly bracelet.

Bev's SIA outfit

Longtime SIA participant Mike @ Post Card Purposes borrowed this vermilion shirt for the challenge. As soon as he saw the shirt, he immediately thought “SIA perfect!!” I couldn’t agree more. 😀

Mike's SIA outfit

Salazar was so inspired by this week’s SIA artwork that she has two outfits to share for this week’s SIA!

The first is a floral t-shirt and green pants, which is a more literal interpretation. See more pics of this first SIA-inspired outfit here on Salazar’s style blog. That floral tee is so striking and lovely.

Salazar's SIA outfit #1

Salazar’s second outfit is a looser interpretation, with plaid pants and a peach T-shirt. The swirling design on the tee is quite similar to the lines in the illustration, which is why she picked it. Be sure to check out this outfit post here for more photos and closeups.

Salazar's SIA outfit #2

My sweetie Sam once again shares his pattern-mixing skills, combining a green “Mount Rainier” tee with an orange plaid button-front shirt and mixed-media sneakers. The finishing touch? His “Happy Tree” Bob Ross socks! 😀

Sam's SIA outfit

Sam's "Happy Tree" socks

Next up is SIA co-host Daenel @ Living Outside the Stacks, who loved the earth tones and saturated hues of the inspiration illustration. Her outfit has it ALL, y’all, including the flower reflected in the floral print top, the orange-y yellow tones in the crocheted cardigan, and the green of the stem reflected in the purse. Lots more pics and details on her SIA blog post. (Also, I’m super impressed Daenel was able to participate this week, as she’s in the middle of prepping for a big move!)

Daenel's SIA outfit

Longtime SIA participant Kezzie @ KezzieAG was also inspired to create two outfits — wow! I think she looks super sweet in her first outfit, a floral print dress and white blouse (a similar outfit combo to what I put together for this challenge — great minds think alike). 🙂 I love the lacy collar on Kezzie’s blouse, which “put [her] in mind of the lacy wings of the Marbled White butterfly in the picture.” Visit Kezzie’s SIA blog post for more pics and closeups.

Kezzie's SIA outfit

Kezzie thought of wearing this tee, seen below, for a second SIA-inspired outfit after she took pics of the first outfit, and I’m so glad she did! It’s really quite perfect for the challenge, incorporating both the central flower and the butterfly from the illustration, and the ruffles really fit the theme well, too. The hat with the floral cut-outs and the green trousers are really clever ways to finish off the outfit.

Kezzie's SIA outfit #2

Kezzie's outfit #2 closeup

Leslie @ Once Upon a Time & Happily Ever After was inspired by BOTH the inspiration illustration AND co-host Daenel’s SIA-inspired outfit — how great is that?! Keep pyaing the style inspiration forward, y’all, because it is a beautiful thing to behold. ♥ And Leslie looks great in her olive ankle pants, cranberry (eyelet?) top, yellow long cardigan, and beaded necklace.

Leslie's SIA outfit

Finally, there’s my interpretation, in which I incorporated both the orange-red color of the poppy as well as the black-and-white butterfly wings from the illustration by layering my black-and-white gingham button-front shirt over my orange floral dress. You can see more pics and close-ups on my previous blog post.

Librarian for Life + Style | Black gingham + orange floral

This was an *amazing* SIA round-up, wasn’t it?! I just really appreciate everyone for participating in these SIA challenges — and I think it’s obvious that everyone had FUN putting these outfits together, which is really the whole point. 😀 😀 😀

Next week, check back for the next SIA inspiration artwork, which will be curated by Salazar @ 14 Shades of Grey. In the meantime, also check out fellow SIA co-host Daenel @ Living Outside the Stacks.


11 thoughts on “SIA round-up: Memorial Day poppy

  1. Brenda N

    Great job, everyone! Especially enjoyed seeing Mike & Sam with their perfectly colored shirts. 🙂

  2. mommyhon333

    Round of applause for one and all. So many great interpretations. Love seeing what the guys do! Sam’s “happy tree” socks are adorable. I just forced my Prince Charming to buy something other black or white socks this past weekend for an upcoming wedding reception. Now to get them on his feet!!!

  3. Daenel Vaughn-Tucker (@DaenelT)

    What a fun roundup! I’m so loving everyone’s interpretations – it amuses me that we all see the same thing yet we see things so differently. Stephanie’s leggings are absolutely fabulous — so fun and colorful.

    Sam wins the internet with his Happy Tree socks. Those are the best!!!

    Leslie is so funny! I adore her.

    You definitely picked a fun piece for us to interpret. Now off to see everyone else…

  4. Kezzie

    Oh, what a wonderful assortment! The art was worn in so many creative ways and there was a good number. So nice to see Stephanie back!

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