SIA: Help wanted

SIA help wanted graphic

No, that’s not the SIA inspiration for this week. 😉

This is actually an announcement that SIA co-founder Salazar from 14 Shades of Grey and I are looking for a new co-host for Style Imitating Art. Erin from Loop Looks brought aMAZing inspirations to SIA the last few years, but she needs to take a blogging break. So Salazar and I are open for a new co-host to add some fun variety to the art inspiration mix.

What does co-hosting SIA entail?

You can also find more details over at Salazar’s style blog, but it’s pretty simple. SIA co-hosts:

  • take turns curating and hosting a style challenge
  • share art inspiration picks with each other at least a day in advance, so we announce the new SIA challenge in sync
  • participate in each other’s SIA challenges, if at all possible


Inspiration posts go live every other Monday, with round-up posts on the co-host’s blogs the following Wednesday. Therefore, each challenge takes a total of two weeks (one week to post the challenge, with the round-up the following week). When it’s your turn to co-host, you find and post an art inspiration, which can be any visual medium, from paintings to short films to quilts to sculptures to photographs… we’re always up for new kinds of art to be inspired by! You can browse past SIA challenges and round-ups on Salazar’s style blog, as well as my own.

Regarding timing, I’m up next to curate the next SIA challenge, and then it’s Salazar’s turn. So the new co-host would have a few weeks to find some inspiration artwork and get into the SIA routine.


If you’re interested or have any questions, please email me at and/or Salazar at

Thanks in advance! 😀


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