SIA interpretation: Primavera

It’s time for my interpretation for this week’s Style Imitating Art (SIA) challenge, chosen this round by Salazar @ 14 Shades of Grey.

The inspiration artwork:

Salazar chose an amazing sculpture she saw during her recent trip to Cuba. The sculpture is entitled “Primavera” (which translates to “Spring” in English) by Cuban sculptor Rafael San Juan. Installed for Havana’s 12th Biennial of Arts, it depicts the bust of a woman with a crown of butterflies on her head, and the artwork is intended as a tribute to the spirit of Cuban women. You can see more photos and learn more about the sculpture from this article and this interview with the sculptor. Below is a photo of the sculpture that Salazar took on her travels.

Photograph of "Primavera" (Spring) sculpture by Rafael San Juan

Photograph of “Primavera” (Spring) sculpture by Rafael San Juan

My inspiration outfit started with bronze, to bring in the color and texture from the sculpture itself. I have on bronze hoop earrings, bronze heels, and wide-leg brown trousers with bronze-y threads woven throughout the textile. I then pulled together the green (walls) and blue (sky) tones from the photograph. No butterflies for me, but the graphic print on my blouse felt like it captured the fluid nature and curves of the sculpture. The backdrop I chose of the fence and stone also added industrial materials and textures that the sculpture incorporates.

Librarian for Life + Style | Brown + green + bronze remix

Librarian for Life + Style | Brown + green + bronze remix

Librarian for Life + Style | Closeup of bronze hoops and lapiz lazuli earrings

I paired my bronze hoops with my lapis lazuli stud earrings, in order to connect to my bronze heels and the bits of blue in my patterned blouse — and to juxtapose more textures together.

I almost prefer my outfit with the outerwear, as seen below. The cloche and the coat give the outfit a bit of a retro flair, and my bronze hoops pair nicely with the cloche hat. The scarf is the one my mom gifted me years ago; the other side features the names of book genres, as seen here in this post. This side, the striped back side of the scarf, is also pretty cool. I also added photos of my inspiration outfit with the outerwear because I am combining hard and soft lines together — the cloche has a rounded shape, while the overcoat (and trousers, too, for that matter) have harder lines and angles.

Side note about patterning… with the outerwear, I am technically mixing four different patterns — tattersall (overcoat), stripes (scarf), geometric print (blouse), and tweed print (trousers) — yet nothing is clashing or overwhelming. All the patterns and color tones are working harmoniously together. 😀

Librarian for Life + Style | Brown + green + bronze remix

Librarian for Life + Style | Brown + green + bronze remix

Librarian for Life + Style | Brown + green + bronze remix

Weather:  Sunny and chilly

Where:  Work day at the library, including a reference shift


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Remixing brown + green + bronze

I do love remixing brown + green + bronze together. Here’s a quick round-up of ways I’ve mixed these colors together, including this most recent outfit:

Librarian for Life + Style | Remixing brown + green + bronze collage

left outfit (2014)  //  middle outfit (2015)  //  right outfit (2018)

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6 thoughts on “SIA interpretation: Primavera

  1. Kezzie

    I think this is a fantastic interpretation of the piece-totally get where you were coming from with all the elements, plus the background you stood in was spot on-the copper door, the blue…

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