First SIA round-up of 2018

It’s a new year, and it’s time for our Style Imitating Art (SIA) round-up for 2018!


I chose an inspiration painting by local tattoo artist Bismark Pinera, a painting that graced the cover of a newly published regional literary compilation, Creative Colloquy Volume 4, available online here. (Creative Colloquy is a literary site and community here in Tacoma.) I attended the launch celebration for the new Creative Colloquy compilation, and I fell IN LOVE with the cover art. I immediately contacted the artist, and Pinera graciously granted permission to use and showcase his artwork for this challenge. You can also see more of his tattoo artwork here on his Instagram profile.

Bismark Pinera painting


First up is my friend Stephanie, who’s back for an SIA round-up! Stephanie came up to visit Tacoma recently, so I saw an SIA opportunity… especially since all the colors in Pinera’s inspiration painting are right up her alley. And she did not disappoint! I love that Stephanie went for bold colorblocking, and the scarf texture is amazing up close!

Stephanie's SIA outfit

Stephanie's SIA outfit, scarf closeup

Next is SIA co-host and co-founder Salazar @ 14 Shades of Grey, who started with a neutral base — her style specialty! — but brought out pattern and color through the embroidered flowers on her sweatshirt and patterned socks. Be sure to visit Salazar’s blog post to see close-ups of the socks and other details!

Salazar's SIA outfit

SIA co-host Erin @ Loop Looks wasn’t able to take a full outfit photo, but she did get a flat lay! I can TOTALLY see Erin wearing this outfit. She represented as many colors as possible from the inspiration painting:  blue, black, green, red, white, and tan.

Erin's SIA flat lay

Next is a new SIA participant, my friend, Christina, who is a poet and freelance writer. She lives online here and here on Instagram. She also helped edit Creative Colloquy Volume 4, so she is obviously multi-talented — and super stylish! We took photos for each other, along the Ruston Way Waterfront in Tacoma, and Christina was particularly inspired by the pop of goldenrod in the inspiration painting. I also love that you can see a peek at her own tattoos in one of the photos below (click the collage to view a larger image).

Christina's SIA outfit collage

You can see more pics of my outfit in the previous post, but below is a special photo of both me and Christina in our respective SIA-inspired outfits! We totally did NOT coordinate our outfits beforehand, so it was funny that we ended up both choosing the same foundation (grey jeans and brogues). Of course, we went totally different ways with the rest of the outfits, and chose different colors to feature. Just goes to show how individual personal style can be! 🙂

Librarian for Life + Style | Jen's and Christina's SIA outfits

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the first SIA challenge of the new year!

Next week, Erin @ Loop Looks will choose the next Style Imitating Art challenge. Stay tuned!


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