What I wore to a local fashion show

A friend of mine had two VIP tickets to the 2017 Tacoma Cars & Couture Fashion Show, and I was able to tag along as her “plus one.” 😀 The show took place at LeMay – America’s Car Museum and showcased five couture designers from around the Pacific Northwest:

It was a fantastic show, and last week on my Facebook page, I put together a “Cars and Couture Fashion Show 2017” album of photos from the event, including my favorite designs from the show. So definitely browse that album, screenshot below, if you’d like to see some really cool looks from local designers — whose styles were all so different!

Librarian for Life + Style | Facebook album screenshot of Cars and Couture Fashion Show 2017

Below is a peek at the program from the show — plus my awesome yellow-and-black heels (4 inches!) and my peekaboo vintage book cover purse. My friend and I decided to put in an effort and bust out the heels for the show. We fit right in! 😉

Librarian for Life + Style | What I wore to a local "Cars and Couture" fashion show, closeup of program

Librarian for Life + Style | What I wore to a local "Cars and Couture" fashion show, closeup of killer heels

Below is a look at the whole outfit that I wore to the fashion show. I’ve worn my yellow-and-black heels with a cocktail dress, as seen here; with ankle pants, as seen here; and with black jeans, as seen here. This time, I decided to be a little bit different and pair them with my wide-leg black trousers. I knew we had front-row seats, so that when I sat down, my whole shoe would be visible. 😉

Librarian for Life + Style | What I wore to a local "Cars and Couture" fashion show

And if that top looks vaguely familiar, but also a little different, that’s because I decided to take the attached front ties on the blouse, as you can see here, and wrap them around my neck to let the ends hang down the back.

But of course, when I took a photo on the balcony off the museum’s main level — a view overlooking downtown Tacoma and the harbor — the scarf ends decided to photo-bomb me! 😀

Librarian for Life + Style | What I wore to a local "Cars and Couture" fashion show and close-up of my photo-bombing neck scarf

Librarian for Life + Style | What I wore to a local "Cars and Couture" fashion show

We took these pics during the intermission — thanks, Christina, for taking photos! — when most of the crowd had retreated to either end, the lobby or the balcony, of the museum’s main level. But there were quite a few style bloggers and Instagrammers there, taking photos of their outfits in front of the cars. I was no exception! So instead of cropping this photo below, I decided to keep it wide so you could see some more of the photo-taking action. (I also looooooved the green-and-black hi-lo top the lady to my left is wearing. I would pair that top with skinny pants or jeans and use every excuse to walk around so the back hem would flare out.) The people-watching at the fashion show was almost as good as the couture itself!

Librarian for Life + Style | What I wore to a local "Cars and Couture" fashion show

Also, a funny story to share with y’all:  I had a nice chat with one of the show’s sponsors, who happened to be seated next to us. He was very nice (and very stylish), and remarked at one time that it was obvious that I was interested in fashion. He gestured toward my heels as proof, and I grinned in agreement. Toward the end of our chat, he asked what I did for a living. His face fell into TOTAL SHOCK when I revealed to him that I was a librarian. After he picked his jaw up off the floor, he was then delighted to learn that I had a style blog. I definitely felt like I was helping represent my profession in a positive way in that moment — and perhaps expand expectations of a librarian’s sense of style and love of fashion? 😀

Can’t get enough of fashion shows? You can also read about my first experience walking in a fashion show earlier this spring

Have you attended a fashion show before? What would, or did, you wear to a fashion show? Please leave a comment and share!

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8 thoughts on “What I wore to a local fashion show

  1. Erikka (@akkire)

    Seriously Jen, you look gorgeous! Those heels – yum. And ps. I LOVE when that happens to me as well, as I try to tots rep a new and dynamic librarian look for all 21st Century+ librarians 😉 Here’s to breaking down stereotypes, one outfit at a time!

  2. LaneSha

    This top is so cute! It’s really like a scarf and add dimension to an outfit and always make a whole look feel complete. And I like your yellow heels, yellow is a hot color in this season.


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