SIA: Chicago naturescape

It’s time again for another Style Imitating Art (SIA) challenge, this time curated by Erin @ Loop Looks.

SIA inspiration pick:

Erin decided to use a photograph that her friend, an amateur photographer, took of tulips against the Chicago skyline. Her friend posts online and on Instagram as blinkofalens.

He took this one near Erin’s old apartment earlier this year in a spot that she didn’t even know existed! Here’s how Erin sums up the reason she chose this gorgeous photograph:

I know that tulips are out of season now, but I just love this photo and didn’t want to save it until next spring 🙂

Chicago flowers and skyline, photo by Vinod, blinkofalens

Photo of Chicago flowers and skyline, used with permission of the photographer

I’m also glad she didn’t wait. It’s really a gorgeous photograph, and I love the perspective of the tulips that loom as large as the skyline itself. I was also immediately reminded of the poppy fields in front of the Emerald City in The Wizard of Oz.

Lots of different ways you could go with this inspiration… floral; mixing the colors of pink, teal, and green, and perhaps the grey of the buildings; taking pictures in a park or against your own city’s skyline… Can’t wait to see what y’all come up with this time for SIA!

How to participate in SIA:

Everyone — bloggers, non-bloggers, all genders, all ages, even pets! — is welcome to participate. Just send a pic of an outfit — selfies and flat lays are also just fine — inspired by this week’s SIA artwork to this week’s curator, Erin, at Erin will post the SIA round-up on her blog, Loop Looks, next week, so get those photos in to her by next Monday, July 31.


2 thoughts on “SIA: Chicago naturescape

  1. Brenda N.

    Hi Jen (& Erin), with this beautiful photo I was struck right away with a feeling of the “Emerald City” from the Wizard of Oz. Later in the day, I scrolled past the photo & saw the same thought from Jen. Excited to see how this imaginative & perspective- shifting photo is interpreted through fashion. 🙂


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