SIA round-up: Patchwork jogakbo

It’s time for the Style Imitating Art (SIA) round-up! I chose an artwork image that the Metropolitan Museum of Art recently released into the public domain, a striking patchwork wrapping cloth from Korea, called a “jogakbo,” that was made by an unidentified artist, ca. 1950–80.

"Patchwork wrapping cloth (jogakbo)" by Unidentified Artist Korean, 20th century, Metropolitan Museum of Art, is licensed in the public domain.

“Patchwork wrapping cloth (jogakbo)” by Unidentified Artist Korean, 20th century, Metropolitan Museum of Art, is licensed in the public domain.

I was drawn to the cloth’s combination of the texture, the graphic print of the patchwork, and the colors. What were y’all inspired by?

Jodie from Jodie’s Touch of Style is back with a look from her mother, Charlotte, who is the 70’s model on her blog. Jodie thought Charlotte’s color block dress was a great match for the patchwork cloth — and I agree! I particularly like the coiled necklace.

Charlotte's SIA otufit

Next up is longtime SIA participant Mike from Post Card Purposes, who immediately thought of his striped sweater, which has a lot of the colors in the patchwork cloth. Also, check out this post on his blog that features a previous time he wore this sweater — with a backdrop right up this challenge’s alley! 🙂

Mike's SIA outfit

More stripes! Next is Kezzie from KezzieAG, who wore a lovely striped dress and glittery footwear. LOVE. (She also matches her backdrop. LOVE x 2.)

Kezzie's SIA outfit

SIA co-host Erin @ Loop Looks remixed a top and color combo she wore years ago. The pattern on this top really is perfect for this inspiration challenge, and it’s fun to see how Erin’s has changed with her job change. Be sure to visit her post to see the original outfit!

Erin's SIA outfit

SIA co-founder Salazar @ 14 Shades of Grey went a totally different way, and it totally works! She went for colorblocking white and navy with pops of red and pink. And her bow brooch is BRILLIANT, echoing the little bow in the middle of the wrapping cloth.

Salazar's SIA outfit

Speaking of brilliant bows, “A Dog” is back! YESSSSSSSSSSS. (A Dog first graced SIA back in December.) I literally yelled out in delight and clapped my hands when this submission came through. Those leg warmers are so awesome. Here’s the inspiration straight from A Dog’s mouth:

Hello I wear leg warmer for the latest Style Imitating Art selection the bows are blue just like the bow in the middle of the piece thank you.

A Dog's SIA outfit

Not that there is ANY possible way to top that… but I’ll do my best in rounding out this challenge. I took the opportunity to pattern-mix once again, layering gingham and stripes. More details and closeups on yesterday’s post.

Librarian for Life + Style | Stripes + gingham SIA outfit

This round-up was so good, y’all. So many interesting touches and colors and patterns, not to mention dog leg warmers. This round-up had it ALL. (Happy sigh.)

Next Monday, Erin @ Loop Looks will be curating the Style Imitating Art challenge. Stay tuned! 🙂


10 thoughts on “SIA round-up: Patchwork jogakbo

    1. Mike

      I agree with Jodie. We all did a wonderful job with our interpretations! Lots of cool patterns and color schemes.
      And our canine companion is always a welcomed addition to SIA! Those leg warmers are awesome!

  1. Kezzie

    What a super combination of outfits!!! So nice to see A Dog again- I still remember that Amazing one with the turquoise swirls of scarves!!
    Jodie’s Mum’s is my particular favourite as her super colour-blocking matches so well! I like the 3sets of stripes and then Erin’s great top! Salazar’s bow on that blocked top is the perfect centre piece!x


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