Seattle staycation + travel casual

During Spring Break a couple of weeks ago, Sam and I enjoyed a bit of a staycation. We took the train up to Seattle and explored some of the typical “tourist-y” sights in town — and enjoyed every minute of it! It was quite drizzly, which was PERFECT for Seattle (and meant less tourists). Win-win!

First stop was the Pike Place Public Market downtown, with its collection of cobblestone streets and alleyways and fish-throwing workers.

Librarian for Life + Stye | Seattle Public Market sign

Next stop was the gum wall alley, located along Post Alley under Pike Place Market. It’s become a local landmark since the early ’90s. It’s… pretty gross. So OF COURSE we had to take pics there. All for y’all, dear readers. 😀

Librarian for Life + Style | Seattle gum wall + travel casual outfit

Librarian for Life + Style | Seattle gum wall + travel casual outfit

Librarian for Life + Style | Seattle gum wall

It was also a good spot to take pics of my casual travelling outfit. I love wearing cargo vests for travel, so this time I wore my new burgundy cargo vest (which is still available, wow!). It was rainy and cold, so my long-sleeved black tee, comfy jeans, and new black sneakers rounded out the practical parts of my outfit. My chevron knit scarf was practical while also adding a bit of pizzazz to my casual, comfy travel ensemble.

Librarian for Life + Style | Seattle gum wall + travel casual outfit closeup

Librarian for Life + Stye | Seattle gum wall selfie

Librarian for Life + Style | Seattle gum wall + Sam's travel casual outfit

So grosssssssssss! But these pics of us in front of the gum walls crack me up! (And yes, I totally had hand sanitizer gel in my bag!)

Librarian for Life + Style | Seattle gum wall outtake

Librarian for Life + Style | Seattle gum wall outtake

Librarian for Life + Style | Seattle gum wall + travel casual outfit

Weather:  Rainy and overcast, stereotypically perfect Seattle weather!

Where:  Typical tourist travels around Seattle downtown


While we were in the vicinity, of course I had to pose with the famous bronze Rachel the Piggy Bank, the “mascot” of the Pike Place Market!

Librarian for Life + Stye | Seattle Public Market pig statue collage

Seattle waterfront and overcast vista near the Public Market:

Librarian for Life + Stye | Seattle vista

And of course, a stop just down the street to the first Starbucks store!

Librarian for Life + Stye | Visiting the Seattle Starbucks flagship store

Next, we took the monorail up to the Seattle Center, which is the location for the Space Needle and loads of museums, including the Pacific Science Center, Museum of Pop Culture, and The Children’s Museum. And there is public art EVERYWHERE — even to shield the view of parking lots! 🙂

Librarian for Life + Stye | Seattle public artwork collage

Librarian for Life + Stye | Seattle Space Needle and fountain

We didn’t go up the Space Needle as the wait was a bit too long. (Plus it was a super cloudy day, and with the steep ticket prices, we figured it would be better to visit again on a clear day.)

And when we visited the Central Branch of the Seattle Public Library, I lit up with glee when I spied a miniature of the Space Needle in its collection!

Librarian for Life + Stye | Space Needle miniature in the Seattle Public Library

And OF COURSE we had to visit the Seattle Public Library, to see up close the iconic and award-winning glass-filled design of its Central Branch, which opened in 2004. It has 10 levels, with tons of views and built-in way-finding by incorporating Dewey Decimal call numbers into the floor tiles. Brilliant!

Librarian for Life + Stye | Seattle Public Library collage

Librarian for Life + Stye | Built-in wayfinding in the Seattle Public Library

Librarian for Life + Stye | Views from the Seattle Public Library

And finally, as you can see below, I had some fun playing around with the library’s copy of Agatha Christie’s The Body in the Library! 😀 😀 😀

By the way, I’m documenting on Instagram my current reading goal of reading, or re-reading, all the Agatha Christie books in the order they were published. I’m currently up to Peril at End House, published in 1932. (For reference, her first book The Mysterious Affair at Styles was published in 1920, and The Body in the Library wasn’t published until 1942.)

#LibrarianNerd #AgathaChristieFan

Librarian for Life + Stye | Having fun with Agatha Christie's 'The Body in the Library' at Seattle Public Library

Even though Seattle was ranked low in a recent national tourism poll — which had me cracking up! — that’s just fine with us! There’s plenty more for us to see and explore and enjoy.

Have y’all ever visited Seattle or the Pacific Northwest? Please leave a comment and share! 🙂

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17 thoughts on “Seattle staycation + travel casual

  1. robjodiefilogomo

    Isn’t that library the coolest? On our first visit to Seattle about 4 years ago we stayed at a hotel across from it! Since we were so close, we actually went in and spent a couple of hours there!! I’m such a library lover!!
    ps..that gum wall kinda grosses me out for some reason….

  2. Brenda N

    Hi Jen, that gum wall is disgusting & fascinating at the same time! We’re currently on staycation at home in sunny San Diego, but have traveled to Portland & Seattle for Fall/Winter vacations, I love the weather up there. So funny, we told our waitress at the Portland airport we were on vacation & she asked where we were headed, as she couldn’t imagine why anyone would visit Portland in November! Surprised that Seattle ranked low in tourism. Of course our trip there included a visit to the stunning library & Powell’s bookstore. 🙂

  3. Mireille

    I visited Seattle about 16 years ago and thought it was a really cool city. Of course that trip included a store by Pike Market. Thanks for sharing all the pics: very fun!

  4. Ana

    Wow! We were in Seattle at the beginning of the month for a quick getaway, too! I am so glad you posted the gum wall because we heard about it when we took the Underground Tour, but we didn’t think we wanted to see a bunch of gum. I am sorta glad we skipped it because it looks utterly gross, but I know my husband will be crushed we missed this fascinating sight while we were there. We took our car and went all over the area (Snoqualmie Falls, Woodinville, Bainbridge Island, Skagit Valley looking for tulips) and then walked all around Seattle (Waterfront, Pike Place, Starbucks, Chihuly Glass & Garden, Space Needle, etc) similar to your stay. I now regret not walking into the Public Library on top of immediately regretting not spending half a day at the Seattle Art Museum that was across the street from our hotel. I will have to book another trip up there. Maybe I will give you a shout and we can go stand in front of Kurt Cobain’s house or at the Center of the Universe?!?!
    PS – I love your cargo vests! I was all over your green one, but now I can’t decide if I like this one better or not?

    1. Jen @ Librarian for Life and Style Post author

      You’ve done more sight-seeing in the area than we have! 😀 And I haven’t been to Kurt Cobain’s house or the Center of the Universe, so yes, lemme know if you’re ever up here again on a visit. The gum wall IS utterly gross, but totally fascinating at the same time. The story behind HOW the gum wall became a thing is fascinating, too — I’ve linked to its Wikipedia entry on the post, if you want to go down that rabbit hole. And it’s located right down the stairs by where the fish-throwing guys are, where the bronze pig is in the market. You were very close to it! And we’ve definitely got to visit the Seattle Art Museum, too. We’re now members of the Seattle Public Library system — there’s a reciprocal agreement with our own regional library system — and they have free museum passes to check out. So our next trip plan is to travel up there early to go to the library and then check out whatever free museum pass they have available, and that will be our plan for the day! 🙂

  5. Jessica

    Seattle is my hometown, so I love that you now live in Tacoma and I can see my old home from time to time! Surprisingly, I have never been to the gum wall! I love the SAM though, and especially their amazing collection of Native Northwest Tribal art.

    I’ve included a link to a NYTimes article I think you might enjoy. The writer has an affinity for Agatha Christie and it reminded me of you!

  6. jennie1969

    Looks like such a fun staycation! That gum wall is fun And gross. Haha. I really like your burgundy vest and that super cut newsboy hat. Thanks for linking up and have a wonderful weekend, Jen!


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