Stripes + pleats + cherry blossoms

In a recent People Style Watch issue, I noted these two outfits featuring pleated skirts, as you can see in the pic below. I thought about how to combine what I liked about the two different looks. So I took the idea of the black striped top from the first outfit and the idea of the coral pleated skirt and animal print flats from the second outfit from — and created a similarly inspired outfit from pieces I already had in my own closet! 🙂

Librarian for Life + Style | People Style Watch inspiration

I had not originally wanted to wear tights, but it’s still quite chilly here, especially in the mornings. I wore this outfit to present at a state conference hosted right here in Tacoma, and I knew I would be presenting in a large room. Therefore, I wanted to wear something that was eye-catching enough so you could see me even from the back of the room, but still professional looking enough for a conference.

I could have tucked in my shirt, but I kinda liked the more easygoing feel it gave to the outfit when I left it untucked. This striped tee looks more professional than regular tees, due its square-neck detailing and elbow-length sleeves. Plus, it’s more comfortable leaving the top untucked, and it’s important to feel comfortable when you’re presenting! 🙂

Librarian for Life + Stye | Coral pleats + black stripes + leopard print

Librarian for Life + Stye | Coral pleats + black stripes + leopard print

Librarian for Life + Stye | Coral pleats + leopard print closeup

And this new tote bag I got from Target is great! It’s just the right size, and it feels sturdy and looks professional and chic at the same time. LOVE!

Librarian for Life + Style | Cherry blossoms + new black tote bag

Librarian for Life + Stye | Coral pleats + black stripes + leopard print

And with pleated skirts, there are always opportunities for twirling!

Librarian for Life + Stye | Coral pleats + black stripes + leopard print

Librarian for Life + Stye | Coral pleats + black stripes + leopard print

Librarian for Life + Stye | Coral pleats + black stripes + leopard print

We took these photos a couple of weeks ago when the cherry blossoms around town were just starting to come alive. And there are so many different varieties of colors! The pics above were taken in the morning, before my presentation. I found a pink tree with a white variety blooming at its base. I thought the effect was cool.

Below are pics we took in the afternoon after the conference, along “Museum Row” in downtown Tacoma. These beautiful light pink cherry tree blossoms look like nature’s cotton candy, and the pic below is a gorgeous representation of Tacoma in the springtime. You’ve got a view of downtown, the Tacoma Dome, and a bit of Mount Rainier peeking up, and all framed with cherry blossoms. Simply stunning!

Librarian for Life + Stye | Downtown Tacoma in the springtime

Librarian for Life + Style | Stripes + pleats + cherry blossom collage

Librarian for Life + Stye | Stripes + pleats + cherry blossoms

Weather:  Sunny but still cold enough for tights

Where:  Conference day that included a presentation


  • Striped tee:  Kohl’s, old
  • Pleated skirt:  c/o giveaway, Florence Adams, old
  • Flats:  Karen Scott via Macy’s, old
  • Tote bag:  Target, new
  • Black metal hoops:  Made in Oregon shop, Christmas gift from in-laws, old

Shop my outfit:

similar black striped tee  //  similar coral pleated skirt  //  similar animal print flats  //  similar black metal hoops  //  exact tote bag from same brand

Librarian for Life + Style | Stripes + pleats + animal print outfit collage

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8 thoughts on “Stripes + pleats + cherry blossoms

  1. Lindsay Living

    Your outfit is darling! I’d love to see that charming skirt with the top tucked in to accentuate your waist. I especially love the shots of you twirling! Spring is such a lovely time of year with all those cherry blossoms. Love this outfit!

    1. Jen @ Librarian for Life and Style Post author

      Thanks, Lindsay! Yes, I did seriously think about tucking in the top, which I have done I think every other time with this skirt. But it was fun to try something different, and I ended up liking the effect of the horizontal stripes meeting the de facto vertical stripes of the pleated skirt. 🙂

    1. Jen @ Librarian for Life and Style Post author

      I presented on best practices using open educational resources (OER) while teaching online. And of course, one of the best practices is utilizing the HUMAN resources on your campus, including your librarians! 🙂 The audience — the room was stadium-style with 60-75 seats? — was super-engaged and asking lots of great questions during the presentation. I’ve done quite a few presentations, big and small, so I’m pretty comfortable with speaking in public — as long as I *feel* comfortable first!


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