SIA: Patchwork jogakbo

It’s time for another Style Imitating Art (SIA) challenge, and it’s my turn to curate and co-host!

Inspiration artwork:

Last month, I came across this textile artwork when I was perusing the newly open content on the Metropolitan Museum of Art website and digital collections. They recently released hundreds of thousands of artwork images into the public domain, which is both awesome in general AND awesome for this and future SIA challenges! 😉

And the artwork images they’ve released into the public domain aren’t all older artwork — there’s newer stuff, too! Like this striking patchwork wrapping cloth from Korea, called a “jogakbo,” that was made by an unidentified artist, ca. 1950–80.

"Patchwork wrapping cloth (jogakbo)" by Unidentified Artist Korean, 20th century, Metropolitan Museum of Art, is licensed in the public domain.

“Patchwork wrapping cloth (jogakbo)” by Unidentified Artist Korean, 20th century, Metropolitan Museum of Art, is licensed in the public domain.

Here’s how the Richmond Art Center described jogakbo:

Bojagi, Korean wrapping cloths, are used to wrap, cover, or carry things in daily life from precious ritual objects to everyday clothes, household goods, and food. Jogakbo refers to a colorful patchwork bojagi that is strikingly contemporary and was historically made with remnants of fabrics from leftover cloths.

It’s silk, and I was drawn to the combination of the texture, the graphic print of the patchwork, and the colors. There could be a lot of different ways to interpret it, and you can pick and choose your favorite colors. 🙂

How to participate in SIA:

Everyone — bloggers, non-bloggers, all genders, all ages, even pets! — is welcome to participate. Just send a pic of an outfit — selfies and flat lays are also just fine — inspired by this week’s SIA artwork to this week’s curator (me!), at Deadline to participate is next Monday, April 24th, by 10 p.m. Pacific Standard Time (PST). I will then post the SIA round-up on my blog the next day.

I hope y’all enjoy this week’s SIA challenge!


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