Feeling very PNW in navy stripes + olive vest + scarf

I am in the habit of repeating an outfit on the weekend that I happened to wear for a casual Friday work day. And that happened with this outfit! I wore it to work for a professional development day for all faculty and staff, and then I wore it again on Saturday when Sam and I went to another $7 mid-morning movie. (We saw Logan, and it is goooooooood.)

I felt like I was definitely in the Pacific Northwestern style groove in my new navy-striped tee from J.Crew Factory that I paired with my trusty olive cargo vest and cognac riding boots. It’s a combination that’s casual, comfy, practical, and not at all fussy or trying too hard. That’s PNW style in a nutshell.

Librarian for Life + Style | Navy stripes + olive vest

Librarian for Life + Style | Navy stripes + olive vest

Librarian for Life + Style | Navy stripes + olive vest

We took photos out by Ruston Way waterfront, up on the north end where there’s a new cinema. There’s a path that leads along the waterfront, but we decided to take photos up on the upper steps that then lead down to the path. I liked that it looked like the edge of the steps went right into the water. This was a beautifully sunny morning, a brief respite before more rain.

Librarian for Life + Style | Navy stripes + olive + scarf closeup

Librarian for Life + Style | Navy stripes + olive + scarf closeup

Librarian for Life + Style | Book genres scarf closeup

I don’t think I’ve highlighted this scarf on the blog before. It’s a scarf that my mom gifted me years ago, and it’s made out of knits repurposed from old sweaters. It has a heart on one end, and a stack of books on the other end, with literary genres listed inbetween. The genres included are:  adventure, poetry, fantasy, fiction, history, biography, thriller, religion, travel, military, science fiction, western, romance, mystery, classics, and nonfiction. A perfect scarf for a librarian!

It was a last-minute decision to throw on this scarf, as I thought it might be chilly where we were all meeting for the keynote address that was kicking off the professional development day. (I was right. I wore the scarf all day.) But what I didn’t realize is that the scarf, with its green and blue tones, has the colors of regional sports teams, specifically the Seattle Sounders (Major League Soccer) and the Seattle Seahawks (National Football League). So all day long, colleagues came up to me and asked if I was either a Sounders or a Seahawks fan! 😀

To help illustrate this, here are the logos for the Sounders and the Seahawks, which both incorporate similar shades of green and blue:

Seattle Sounders logo

Seattle Sounders logo

Seattle Seahawks logo

Seattle Seahawks logo

It was like I was getting bonus credit for being a PNW sports fan! I will take it. 😀

Librarian for Life + Style | Navy stripes + olive vest

Librarian for Life + Style | Navy stripes + olive

Librarian for Life + Style | Navy stripes + olive

Weather:  On-and-off rain and sunshine

Where:  A casual work day and then a morning at the movies


  • Cargo vest:  Fashion-swapped years ago with Erin @ Loop Looks
  • Striped tee:  J.Crew Factory, new
  • Skinny jeans:  Target, old
  • Tall boots:  Marc Fisher via Macy’s, old
  • Scarf:  Gift from my mom, old

Shop my outfit:

exact navy striped tee  //  very similar olive cargo vest  //  similar knit scarf  //  very similar skinny jeans  //  very similar cognac flat-heeled boots

Librarian for Life + Style | PNW outfit collage

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6 thoughts on “Feeling very PNW in navy stripes + olive vest + scarf

  1. Jessica

    i love everything about this outfit…must be the PNW native in me! I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed Logan, I haven’t been too sure about it based on the previews, although I typically like the X-men movies.


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