SIA round-up: Bold portrait

It’s time for the Style Imitating Art (SIA) round-up! For the first SIA challenge of March, which also happens to be Women’s History Month, I chose a piece of art featuring a woman and created by a woman. I chose a modern painted portrait by the South African artist Juanita Mulder (who uploads her artwork to Pixabay under the username of “Agnali”). There is a brief bio and more of her artwork here on this site.

I was struck by the bold colors and brush strokes of this painting, as well as by the bold expression on the woman’s face. What were y’all inspired by?

Painted portrait by Agnali/Juanita Mulder

Painted portrait by Agnali/Juanita Mulder

First up is SIA co-host Erin @ Loop Looks, posing with her very handsome dog Chewie. They braved the cold to get this photo! I love that BOTH Erin and Chewie are echoing the inspiration painting, with their colors of tan, black, and red. And y’all know I love Erin’s red lipstick!

Erin's SIA outfit

Next is Mike, a longtime SIA participant, who wore a red shirt to represent the red that’s behind the woman in the painting, as well as in her hair. And Mike’s purple-and-black shirt jacket is the PERFECT match for the shaded part of the woman’s hair!

Mike's SIA outfit

SIA co-founder Salazar @ 14 Shades of Grey went with darker, more subdued shades of the colors featured in the painting — navy instead of blue, maroon instead of red, etc. — and chose bold patterns — stars and stripes — to echo the painting’s patterns. It’s a fantastic look inspired by this week’s artwork!

Salazar's SIA outfit

And finally, there’s me. I knew I wanted a red wall and red lips, and the rest of the outfit came together after that. More details and closeups on yesterday’s post!

Librarian for Life + Style | Red + yellow + black inspiration outfit

It was another small SIA round-up this week, but I think we all did splendidly. Plus, I love that we all wore a different pattern (or two) in each of our outfits!

Next Monday, Erin @ Loop Looks will be curating the Style Imitating Art challenge. Stay tuned!


7 thoughts on “SIA round-up: Bold portrait

  1. Mike

    A small but awesome group! We all did great! I agree Jen! So many different patterns; polka dots, stripes, plaid; a nice mix!
    I really liked this one. I usually don’t wear a lot of color, but this was well worth stepping out of my comfort zone to do and I had fun trying to find the right combo.
    Later, I’ll post a few outtakes on my blog as I didn’t come up with this look right away. It took some creative experimenting!


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