Everyday faves | Wrinkle releaser spray

This is the latest entry in my now-monthly series about “Everyday faves,” to highlight everyday, or commonplace, things — or practices or habits — that make a difference in my life. For me, these posts are an exercise in self-reflection and appreciation.

Posts in the series have included:

This month, I’m highlighting my love of wrinkle releaser spray! (That’s an odd sentence out of context. Maybe it’s still an odd sentence, even when in context. 😉 )

Librarian for Life + Style | Everyday faves, wrinkle releaser spray

Just like in last month’s post about Static Guard spray, I have at least two bottles of wrinkle releaser spray at hand at all times:  a full-size bottle and a travel-size bottle. The full-size bottle I keep upstairs, and the travel-size bottle I keep in my bin of travel toiletries, near the downstairs bathroom.

Also, it’s funny looking at the list of previous “Everyday faves,” and there’s are a couple of themes when you put together my love of stain sticks, static cling spray, and now wrinkle releaser spray. One, I love getting travel-sized stuff. Two, I must seem like a very messy, rumpled person. Or rather, I am trying to prevent looking like my naturally messy, rumpled self. 😉

Here’s how the spray works. First, you hang or lay flat an article of clothing that’s wrinkled. This is a cardigan of mine that’s been on the floor in the laundry basket for over a week, so it’s a good candidate for this demonstration. Next, spray the area that’s wrinkled — and not just a light misting or spritz, but a thorough spray over the wrinkled areas.

Librarian for Life + Style | Everyday faves, wrinkle releaser spray

Then start smoothing out the wrinkled areas, stretching the fabric across and down. (I usually do this with both hands, but I had to use one hand this time to take pictures.) It really is best to do this step right away, instead of waiting a few minutes to let the spray “soak in” and then trying to smooth out wrinkles. You need to get to smoothing out the wrinkles immediately. Let the clothing item air dry for a few minutes after.

Librarian for Life + Style | Everyday faves, wrinkle releaser spray

Does it work? Below is a side-by-side comparison, before and after using the wrinkle releaser spray on my wrinkled cardigan. There’s definitely a difference!

Librarian for Life + Style | Everyday faves, wrinkle releaser spray

I always take my wrinkle releaser spray with me while traveling, especially if it’s for work. No matter how well you pack, your clothes will have at least some wrinkles. So adding a travel-sized wrinkle release spray to your toiletries is super useful, and much easier and quicker to do than ironing. If you’re a longtime reader (thank you!), then you’ll know I loathe ironing. Loathe. So much so I’ve basically designed my lifestyle and wardrobe around avoiding ironing as much as possible. (This is also why I purchased a steamer, which I talk about here in this post.)

And I don’t have a set brand that I prefer for the wrinkle releaser spray. I just reuse the travel-sized Downy bottle and refill it with spray from the larger bottle of whatever wrinkler releaser brand I happen to have on hand. I have personally found no difference between using generic and brand-name wrinkle releaser sprays.

Librarian for Life + Style | Everyday faves, wrinkle releaser spray

Do you use a wrinkler releaser spray or something similar? Please leave a comment and share!


2 thoughts on “Everyday faves | Wrinkle releaser spray

  1. Brenda N

    Hi Jen, definitely a fave, I also love wrinkle release spray & have used it for years. I tend to buy whichever brand is available at the store, lately it’s the Downey brand shown in your post. I used to find various brands in travel catalogs, too. In addition to clothes, I use the spray on my quilts and comforters while on the bed, when they are wrinkled out of the dryer. I’ve recently purchased a steamer for synthetic things as the wrinkle spray doesn’t work well with polyester, etc. Anything to avoid ironing! 🙂


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