My love of pockets + eShakti clothing

A few weeks after I started work at my new college library, a co-worker commented, “I love that you have so many dresses and skirts with pockets. Where do you find them all???”

My answer was immediate and simple:  “eShakti.” 😀

I have mentioned before on this blog about how one of the best things about clothing from eShakti is the pockets. Pockets are the default option on eShakti items; you usually have to opt out of having pockets when you order something. I frequently get compliments on my eShakti clothing items, and whenever I mention, “And it has pockets!,” the reaction from women is always so positive. We all want pockets!

It was fun, therefore, to look back through my archives and posts featuring the various items of clothing from eShakti I have collected over the years. The goal was to find pics of me highlighting the pockets in those eShakti items. Below is a collage of the results!

Librarian for Life + Style | Collage of eShakti items with pockets

Links to the original posts, left to right and top to bottom:

Top row:  Black plaid sheath dress  //  Grey knit dress  //  Floral print dress
Middle row:  Black cotton dress  //  Black knit full skirt  //  Black knit dress
Bottom row:  White-and-silver plaid shirtdress  //  Purple dress with sash (my first eShakti item, from 2012!) //  Red knit dress

So many pockets, so little time.. 😉

Do you love pockets in your dresses and skirts, too? Do you have any go-to stores or brands for dresses and skirts with pockets? Please leave a comment and share!

Note:  This post is NOT sponsored by eShakti. I am sharing my love of pockets and eShakti clothing, and I am also using this post to enter the “Something Happened” eShakti challenge, which is open through January 27th.

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4 thoughts on “My love of pockets + eShakti clothing

  1. Kezzie

    YYYYYesssss, I LOVE pockets! Eshakti sounds brilliant! Two brands which I love which use pockets are Emily and Fin (they sell at Modcloth) and Cath Kidston too!


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