SIA: The Sculptures Of Bernini

Welcome to the first Style Imitating Art (SIA) challenge of 2017! Allow me to quickly recap what SIA is and how it works:

There are 3 co-hosts for SIA:  Salazar @ 14 Shades of Grey, Erin @ Loop Looks, and myself. Salazar is one of the SIA co-founders, I joined up as a co-host a couple of years ago, and Erin joined us a year ago. Every two weeks, we rotate who chooses — or curates — the next SIA inspiration artwork. This usually happens on a Monday (sorry, I’m a day late this time), leaving a week for readers to put together an outfit inspired by that week’s artwork and submit a photo to that week’s curator. Then the round-up is posted on the blog of that week’s co-host. The following Monday, we switch to the next co-host. The order of co-hosts choosing artwork rotates from Salazar to me to Erin, and then back to Salazar to start again.

So Salazar is starting SIA off in 2017, and she’s chosen a very interesting inspiration, something “a little off the beaten path but still classical.” Salazar has selected the collective works of Italian sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini (1598-1680), and below are animated GIFs of his sculptures from an episode about Bernini in the documentary Simon Schama’s Power of Art.

Animated gif of Bernini sculptureAnimated gif of Bernini scuptureAnimated gif of Bernini sculptureAnimated gif of Bernini scupture
Animated gif of Bernini sculptureAnimated gif of Bernini sculpture

As Salazar stated, she didn’t pick one specific sculpture “because to [her], this challenge is about drapes and textures rather than shapes and colors.” So you’re free to choose a specific sculpture (click here to view a full list of his works), or wear an outfit inspired by the themes and textures in his collective works. They’re almost all marble, of course, but there are subtle striations and different color tones in his marble sculptures, so it should be an interesting challenge!

Everyone — bloggers, non-bloggers, all genders, all ages, even pets! — are welcome to participate. Just send a pic of an outfit inspired by this week’s SIA artwork to this week’s curator and co-host, Salazar @ Deadline to participate is next Monday, Jan. 16, and Salazar will post the round-up on her blog, 14 Shades of Grey, the next day.


3 thoughts on “SIA: The Sculptures Of Bernini

  1. Mike

    Nice explanation of SIA for new participants Jen! Hoping to see some new faces in 2017. Of course, I’ll be participating in a few challenges as well, including this one; a nice choice by Salazar. Looking forward to it!


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