SIA: Tempest

It’s time for another Style Imitating Art (SIA) challenge! This week, Salazar is the SIA curator, and she chose a modern painting called “Tempest” by Florida-based artist John Larriva. Salazar stumbled across the work on Tumblr one day and was captured by the painting’s “energy and simple elegance.”

I have a detail of the painting below, which you can see in full here on the artist’s website. You can find and appreciate more of Larriva’s work here.

Detail of 'Tempest' by John Larriva, 2015

Detail of ‘Tempest’ by John Larriva, 2015

Would wearing a black turtleneck be too obvious a style inspiration? Nah… 😉 I like that the colors of the painting are bold and striking, as are the brushstrokes themselves.

Everyone, bloggers and non-bloggers, are encouraged to participate. Just send in a photo — selfies and flat lays also okay — of an outfit inspired by this week’s inspiration artwork to this week’s curator, Salazar at, by next Monday, Nov. 28. Salazar will post the SIA round-up on her blog, 14 Shades of Grey, the next day.


3 thoughts on “SIA: Tempest

  1. Mike

    I love this painting. It’s filled with so much energy with the brushstrokes as well as mystery in the woman’s facial expression. It has an Edward Hopper kind of feel to it, if you know what I mean.

    I say go for it Jen! A black turtleneck would be perfect for you. I’ll probably do something similar because I have a lot of black clothing. 🙂 It should be fun!

      1. Mike

        It’s paintings like this that really make you want to study it further, not just the technique but what’s happening psychologically as well; the artist’s thoughts and feelings, the subject and what’s happening in the work itself. So many great questions for a visual arts class. 🙂


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