My collection of clutches

I recently read this Racked article about the history of clutches, which I pinned on my “Interesting on the Interwebs” Pinterest board. The article is a very interesting read! The origins trace back to the 1920s and have to do with the silhouette of the new style. The 1920s were an amazingly revolutionary era for style!

Clutches were intended to add to, rather than detract from, the look of an overall outfit, rather the way jewelry does.

So that got me thinking about the clutches that I have in my own wardrobe, and I rounded up my clutches in a collage. I have definitely added to my collection of clutches in the last few years, and I have converted a couple of purses into clutches (my yellow book purse, and I figured out how to convert my red leather crossbody bag into a clutch to switch up the look). As you can see below, I have both evening bags/clutches, as well as more casual clutches/pouches.

Librarian for Life + Style | Clutch collage

Clockwise from top left:

Here is how I store most of my clutches and smaller bags, in clear plastic bins (labeled, of course). I stack these bins in the little shelf alcove on my side of the closet, as seen here.

Librarian for Life + Style | Bins for storing smaller bags and clutches

Do you have any clutches in your wardrobe? Please leave a comment and share. 🙂

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