SIA: The Chocolate Girl

It’s Salazar‘s turn to curate the next Style Imitating Art (SIA) challenge, and she chose a classic:  The Chocolate Girl, ca. 1743-44, by Swiss artist Jean-Étienne Liotard. The Chocolate Girl is considered Liotard’s masterpiece, and I can see why. There’s a quiet strength in this painting; the more you gaze at the painting, the more there is to see. The muted colors and mix of textures are lovely.

The Chocolate Girl -- Jean-Etienne Liotard -- ca. 1743-44 -- Image in Public Domain

The Chocolate Girl — Jean-Etienne Liotard — ca. 1743-44 — Image in Public Domain

When I first saw the painting, I thought, “This reminds me of the cover for the book Longbourn.” (Longbourn, written by Jo Baker and published in 2013, is a revisioning of Pride and Prejudice, told mostly from the viewpoint of a maid-servant, Sarah, in the Bennet household.) So when I looked on my bookshelf, lo and behold, this painting IS the foundation for the book’s cover! Also, check out this Literary Stylings post, in which my outfit was inspired by that book (and I also posed with the book). So many sartorial overlaps! 🙂

So how do you participate in SIA challenges? It’s easy, and bloggers and non-bloggers are encouraged to join in. All you need to do is take a picture of an outfit inspired by this week’s art piece — flat lays and selfies are just fine, as well — and send to this week’s curator, Salazar @, by next Monday, Oct 17. Salazar will post the round-up the next day on her blog, 14 Shades of Grey.


7 thoughts on “SIA: The Chocolate Girl

  1. Mike

    I like how you described the painting as having “quiet strength”. I think the girl’s expression says it all and it makes for very interesting interpretations. Her face is serious but in a gentle kind of way, not a harsh way. I think that’s what makes it so appealing. I’ve never heard of this painting before today but I think already that it will become one of my favorites!

  2. Phyllis

    I clicked on your Longbourn outfit, and you didn’t know about the Wedgwood necklace I had given you. Did we talk about that later?


    1. Jen @ Librarian for Life and Style Post author

      Hi Mom, yes we talked about the Wedgwood necklace, but I didn’t go back and update the post with the Longbourn “Literary Stylings” post. But I’m thinking of wearing the necklace again for this SIA challenge, so I’ll get that info out on the blog soon 🙂

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