Layering lip stains

I often layer lip stains to get more mileage out of the lip colors I have, like I’ve mentioned here and here. Plus, it’s fun to experiment, and there is also visual depth to layered lip stains or lipsticks. For the date night look I featured in yesterday’s post, I asked my husband what lip color he’d like for me to wear:  classic red, deep pink, or purpley-pink. Sam chose purpley-pink, so I set about layering two lip stains to achieve that color effect.

And then I got the idea of taking pics while I did it, just in case you, too, are interested in layering lip stains!

Librarian for Life + Style | How to layer lip stains

The initial step is to choose what colors you want to layer. I usually just stick to two lip stains, as they’re a bit more sheer and easier to layer than regular lipsticks.

By the way, after we moved to Tacoma, I picked up a metal lace cup from IKEA to hold my lip stains (I used to use a small coffee cup). Isn’t this metal lace cup pretty?!

Librarian for Life + Style | Cup of lipstains

Librarian for Life + Style | Layering lip stains

To achieve the purpley-pink look, I first chose two of my Revlon lip stains:

Tip:  My Revlon Colorburst Balm Stain in “Honey” is also a great color for layering on top of lip stains or even on top of regular lipsticks. Definitely my personal MVP of lip stains. It warms up and tones down every color I’ve tried with it!

Extra tip:  I didn’t think about taking photos until after this step, but I started out by lining my lips with my new Aveda lip liner in “Colorless.” This step is not essential — you can definitely layer lip stains or lipstick without lip liner — but I like to do it to help set a foundation for the lip stains. Also, applying lip stains is not as precise as applying lipstick, so if I am not quite even with the color around the edges of my lips, I use the neutral lip liner to help smooth out the edges during the steps I outline below (see Step #3 below).

Librarian for Life + Style | How to layer lip stains

  1. Make sure your lips are hydrated and smooth first, so you don’t get flakes when you’re layering the colors. Put on first layer. If one of your lip stains is matte, then it’s best if the matte one goes on first. This is a deep purple lip stain that’s matte, so I let it sink in on my lips for about a minute. I also try not to go too heavy when putting on matte lip stains, as the color tends to be darker and thicker.
  2. Blot the first layer of lip stain to get the excess off. Very important step!
  3. Layer on the second lip stain and be careful about the edges, so that you have even coverage. Use a neutral lip pencil to smooth out edges, if needed. This bright pink lip stain is super shiny on its own, which is a nice contrast to layer on top of a matte stain.
  4. Smile and show off your layered lip stain!

Have you layered lipsticks or lip stains before? Please leave a comment and share!

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