SIA: Detroit pop art mural

It’s time for another Style Imitating Art (SIA) challenge! This week, Erin from Loop Looks is the SIA curator, and she was inspired to pick some street art from Detroit, Michigan, after reading the book Broken Monsters, which takes place in Detroit and focuses on the city’s art scene

Erin chose a mural titled “Brummel” by artist POSE (Jordan Nickel), who happens to be originally from Chicago. POSE created the interactive mural on behalf of Library Street Collective (gotta love that name!), a local gallery in Detroit. You can read more about the mural project here, see more of the artist’s work here on his website, and read a review of this work here that also highlights  other must-see street art in Detroit.

Detroit mural 'Brummel' by POSE

Detroit mural ‘Brummel’ by POSE

So many vibrant colors and interesting details! I have no idea where I’ll go with this challenge, but I do know that it will be colorful!

How do you participate in SIA challenges? Bloggers and non-bloggers both are welcome to participate — just send a pic of an outfit inspired by this week’s challenge to this week’s curator, Erin, at, by next Monday, Oct. 3. Erin will post the round-up the next day on her blog, Loop Looks.


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