Trying out a trial fit dress from eShakti

I mentioned in my monthly budget post this past week that I recently received a free “trial fit” dress from eShakti, so here are the full-length photos and personal thoughts about the dress and fit. OF COURSE, I wore the dress the first chance I got!

I wore the dress out on a weekend outing along 6th Avenue in Tacoma, including a stroll around Wright Park. It was a beautiful sunny summer afternoon to visit the beautiful 27-acre park and arboretum.

Librarian for Life + Style | Trying out a trial fit dress from eShakti


Librarian for Life + Style | Trying out a trial fit dress from eShakti

Librarian for Life + Style | Wright Park in Tacoma, WA

Librarian for Life + Style | Trying out a trial fit dress from eShakti

The setting

First, a little bit of history about the park and setting… The land for Wright Park was donated to the city for the sole purpose as a public park, and it is filled with artwork, including two lion statues gracing the entrance, as seen below. The lions remind me of the lions in front of the New York Public Library; the Wright Park lions are from Brussels. You can read more about the park here on its Tacoma Metro Parks page and here on the “History of Wright Park” page.

Librarian for Life + Style | Posing by the lions at Wright Park in Tacoma, WA

Librarian for Life + Style | Trying out a trial fit dress from eShakti

Librarian for Life + Style | Trying out a trial fit dress from eShakti

The dress

So onto my personal thoughts and review of my new eShakti dress, which I waited to do until after I wore it out in real life. First off, since it is a “trial fit” dress — it was made exactly to the measurements I sent in — the fit of the dress lives up to those expectations. It fits PERFECTLY, including around my shoulders and waistline, which had always been problem areas with eShakti dresses for me before. The sheath dress design also fits around my hips without being too snug, and it’s long enough for me to be comfortable in, hitting just above my knees.

The dress is made of cotton poplin, and I get why the dress is cotton poplin, as it’s most likely the most economical choice for a free garment. Poplin also wrinkles very easily, as you can see in these photos, and it rides up in front when I walk. (All of these are reasons I prefer cotton knit dresses over cotton poplin.)

It is a simple design, a classic sheath dress with short sleeves. I like that the sleeves aren’t cap sleeves, but proper short sleeves. The band of green at the waist and contrast stitching of white and yellow, as you can see below, warm up the black background of the dress, which is why I paired the dress with my cognac wedges and topaz drop earrings. And it is the contrast stitching that is the most interesting, and most prominent, feature of the overall design. No pockets — none would fit under this dress! — but there are bra strap holders, a practical detail I always appreciate.

Librarian for Life + Style | Trying out a trial fit dress from eShakti, closeup

However, it is strange to me, being a woman, that the stitching on the top front half of the dress also serves to, well, highlight and draw attention to the bust. I mean, once I noticed that, I couldn’t see anything else. Right?!! It’s so distracting to me that I am seriously considering blacking in the bustline stitching on the front of the dress. And it doesn’t need that extra stitching around the bust — the white stitching around the v-neck and sleeves has enough visual interest.

Librarian for Life + Style | Trying out a trial fit dress from eShakti

Librarian for Life + Style | Trying out a trial fit dress from eShakti

Bottom line? It is a interesting dress and variation of an LBD that does fit me well. Thank you, eShakti, for asking me to participate in trying out a “trial fit” dress.

So what do you think? Is the contrast stitching distracting to you, or am I overthinking it? Have you ever had a dress customized from eShakti? Please leave a comment and share! 🙂

Full disclosure:  I received a dress made and customized specially for me by eShakti, but with no obligations or expectations to review the dress on my blog. I have chosen to provide a personal review for my readers, in order to be thorough and transparent about my clothing experiences.

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21 thoughts on “Trying out a trial fit dress from eShakti

  1. Jamie B.

    Looks great on you! I like the contrast stitching, even on the chest. Funnily enough, my husband pointed out last night that my patterned dress had odd placements over “the girls”–interrupted me to tell me so, in fact.

    I ordered from eShakti once, only to return the dress in exchange for another, which I haven’t worn once and now sits in my “should it stay or should it go” pile. My biggest issue, at 5’9″ with a long torso, was the too-high waist. Both dresses were well-made, however. I MAY retry, now that the shoulder-to-waist measurement is an option…finally!

    1. Jen @ Librarian for Life and Style Post author

      Thanks, Jamie! I love the overall look of the LBD, but I think I might black in at least the stitching on the bust that is more horizontal and leave the vertical stitching radiating from the waistline, where it makes more sense.

      And yes, I would recommend trying out the custom sizing again on eShakti, now that they’ve added more measurement options — and there are THREE height-of-shoulder measurement options now for those of us with longer torsos and legs. Yay!

  2. Carrie

    I find the contrast stitching flattering, but if it makes you feel conspicuous … then black it out. 🙂 Is my monitor off, or is the stitching at the top of the green band actually pink, compared to the white stitching used on the rest of the dress?

  3. Sally

    I assumed all that contrast stitching (including the pink on the waistband) was because it sounded to me like a “trial fit” dress is like a muslin, not a typical finished garment.

  4. Phyllis

    Yes the stitching on the bust line was the first thing I noticed. Definitely blacken it in! The second thing that I noticed were the wrinkles on the dress, so I figured it must be all cotton. Not usually a good idea unless you like to iron or you can afford sending it to the cleaners all the time! Love,Mom

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  6. Sarca

    I couldn’t help but snicker a little at your comment about the bust-line stitching, because I didn’t notice it until you mentioned it, then that’s all I saw! I would blacken out the stitching. Nice dress otherwise!

  7. Jennie

    I think this is a really cool take on a sheath dress and I like the mix of interesting colors. I like the contrasting stitching it offers, with the exception of those at the bust-line. To me it is a bit distracting. I really enjoyed how the fit worked out for you. Thanks for linking up with Fabulous Friday! Hope to see you back this week, Jen.



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