Monthly budget adventures (July 2016) | Month 3 of the ‘Let’s Be Shop Free for 3’ challenge

I have completed the third and final month of the “Let’s Be Shop Free for 3” challenge and Facebook group. The “3” in this instance stood for three months, so it was a challenge to be shop free (regarding clothes shopping) from May through July. The group and challenge was organized by Carrie @ A Lovely Little Wardrobe.

Let's Be Shop Free for 3 header

How did I do in the challenge during its final month of July? Since I was moving into our new home in Tacoma, Washington, during July — and moving is quite expensive — I didn’t have time (nor the funds) to shop at all for clothes during July. (When we did go shopping, it was for things like paper towel holders for the kitchen!) Therefore, this no-clothes-shopping challenge was very easy for me!

eShakti trial fit dress

But I did receive one new item for my closet in July, and that was a “trial fit” dress made for me courtesy of eShakti. Back in April, I was contacted by an eShakti representative who offered me a custom-made garment, free of cost, “in reference to your feedback mentioning the problems you have faced with your orders with us” and to “ensure that we would give you clothes that fit well.” What they’re referring to are my posts this past winter outlining the communication and fit issues I experienced with my plaid shirtdress, here and here.

To be fair, although I’ve had several issues with fit in the past with eShakti clothing, one thing I’ve never been disappointed in is the quality — particularly for the price points. If you’re a longtime reader (thank you!), you know that I have collected several eShakti items in my closet over the years and wear them regularly. I was surprised at eShakti’s offer and readily agreed to the “trial fit” dress, sending in my measurements and sample pics. I am happy to report that they have added several measurement categories, including shoulder to waist. (I first advocated for this back in this post from 2014.)

I had no idea what they were going to send me, so it was a fun experience opening up the package when it arrived at our new home in Tacoma. Behold my new “trial fit” dress from eShakti:

Librarian for Life + Style | Trial fit dress from eShakti

Librarian for Life + Style | Trial fit dress from eShakti

Later this week, I will have more outfit pics of me wearing the dress and a more thorough review, so stay tuned! UPDATE:  Click here for my review of this eShakti dress.

Budget Recap:

Total spent for this month: $0
Total savings for this month:  $0

Total spent for this year:  $86.45
Total savings for this year:  $389

Note:  This marks the THIRD time this year that I’ve spent $0 on my monthly clothing budget! 😀 How are you doing on monthly clothing shopping? Please leave a comment and share.

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