Monthly budget adventures (June 2016) | Month 2 of the ‘Let’s Be Shop Free for 3’ challenge

I have completed the second month of the “Let’s Be Shop Free for 3” challenge and Facebook group. The “3” in this instance stands for three months, so it’s a challenge to be shop free (regarding clothes shopping) from May through July. The group and challenge is organized by Carrie @ A Lovely Little Wardrobe.

Let's Be Shop Free for 3 header

How did I do in the challenge during June? Well, I wasn’t exactly “shop free”… but I did spend less than $4!!! I picked up this fox scarf for the grand total of $3.98. 🙂

Feeling foxy for less than four dollars

Librarian for Life + Style | Fox scarf closeup

So how did this come about? As y’all know, I’ve been in the midst of moving and packing for our move to Tacoma, so it’s been pretty easy in general stick to this challenge. I also had a $6.02 credit remaining from the gift certificate I had received at Christmas for my favorite Portland resale boutique, Here We Go Again. These past few weeks, Sam and I have been revisiting our favorite places in Portland, and this is one of them, so we scouted out possible accessories in order to spend down my final gift card credit. Sam spied this foxy scarf, which was on sale for $15. And once I applied a Chinook Book coupon ($5 off a $15 purchase) plus my remaining gift card amount, that left me with $3.98.

I don’t feel guilty at all for spending less than $4 this month. This scarf has more of an autumnal feeling, so I’ll look forward to wearing it in the fall — and as Sam pointed out, it will be a nice companion for my “Ferdy the Fox” sweater! 😀

And by the way, it was lovely visiting HWGA again. The saleslady recognized me — “Aren’t you the one with all the fabulous coats?” — and loved my new hairdo. (She was there when we bought this fabulous coat.) And Chris, the owner of HWGA, recognized me as well, and called out, “Ohhh, we have a librarian in our midst!” when she saw me — she’s obviously familiar with my blog! 😀 If you’re ever visiting Portland, I highly recommend checking out Here We Go Again, at either of its locations, Johns Landing or Broadway.

Budget Recap:

Total spent for this month: $3.98
Total savings for this month:  $11.02

Total spent for this year:  $86.45
Total savings for this year:  $389

Let’s see how I do for the final month of the challenge!

Parting gift

And last but not least, I also received a lovely parting gift from a faculty member I worked closely with the past few years — a pair of library card socks from Out of Print Clothing! ♥

Librarian for Life + Style | Library card socks closeup

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