SIA interpretation: Spring

Here’s my interpretation for the latest Style Imitating Art (SIA) challenge! Erin @ Loop Looks chose a painting by American artist Charles Demuth (1883-1935). This 1921 painting, called “Spring,” is currently on display at the Art Institute of Chicago. You can read more about the artist here — he experimented with a lot of different techniques!

There’s still time to participate in SIA! It’s really easy, and everyone (bloggers and non-bloggers) is invited to participate. Just take a picture of an outfit inspired by this week’s SIA choice (flat lays or bathroom selfies are also okay) and send to this week’s curator, Erin at by tonight, May 30. She will post the round-up Wednesday on her blog, Loop Looks.

Librarian for Life + Style | SIA interpretation: Spring

This painting is of sample cards used to promote spring fabrics, so there were lots of patterns to mix and match! Y’all know I love to pattern-mix, so that was my starting point. I immediately thought of my pink-and-navy striped shirt. I added my polka-dotted navy skirt, and boom, instant outfit! It really is quite a simple combination.

It was also a very comfortable outfit, one I wore on my final day of teaching for the spring term. (Yay!!!) I have two weeks left for the term (and for my current job!), so I have lots of projects still to finish up.

Librarian for Life + Style | MIxing stripes + polka dots in navy + pink


Librarian for Life + Style | MIxing stripes + polka dots in navy + pink

Librarian for Life + Style | Mixing stripes + polka dots in navy + pink

I have packed up most of my shoes, so I have a limited selection left. It was too cold for sandals, so I went with these tan canvas flats instead. But when paired alongside the inspiration artwork, they seem more intentional, bringing in some more colors and patterns from the painting.

Librarian for Life + Style | Mixing stripes + polka dots in navy + pink

Librarian for Life + Style | MIxing stripes + polka dots in navy + pink

Librarian for Life + Style | MIxing stripes + polka dots in navy + pink

And thanks to my friend Stephanie for taking these pics for me! 🙂

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12 thoughts on “SIA interpretation: Spring

  1. Mike

    A wonderful interpretation Jen! You did a great job! And I see that you and Salazar had the same thing in mind; the polka dots and the stripe pattern mixing; very cool. 🙂

    And also, I didn’t get a chance to reply to this post the other day, but I wanted to say congratulations on your new job and your transition in your big move! I hope that all of it goes well for you and Sam and that every part of the move will be a safe and smooth process. And best of luck with your new job, Jen! You will do well with it I’m sure! 🙂

    I will miss your daily posts (yes, I do read them all, even if I don’t reply to all of them), but it is understandable with all that you have to prepare and pack up. But I’m glad that you’ll still be doing a Monday, Wednesday, Friday thing. Good luck Jen!

  2. Salazar

    Ha, we both went with the striped top and polka dot bottom (except mine was pants, not a skirt). I love that added color to your top!

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