Personal news + blog scheduling update

I have some major personal news to share — Sam and I are moving! I have been offered an awesome new job as a faculty librarian in Tacoma, Washington! My new job starts in the fall, so we are moving sometime this summer. And for those who aren’t familiar with the Pacific Northwest, Tacoma is a city located a bit south of Seattle and a little over 2 hours north of Portland, along the I-5 corridor.

We are super excited for this new adventure for our family, but we are also very sad to be leaving Portland, a city we have been proud to call home the past five years. We love this city, and we will continue to love it. But we’ll be only a couple of hours away, so we hope to visit often — we have so many friends here!

'You'll Like Tacoma' poster

We’ve also heard great things about Tacoma, and we got to see for ourselves a bit of its charms this past Spring Break, as seen here and here.

So what does this mean for the blog? Considering I have just a few weeks left on my current job — I’ll be finishing out my contract and the spring term — and focusing on selling our current home and moving to Tacoma, I will need to cut back on my posting schedule. I hope to be able to stick to a MWF posting schedule from here on out. I hope y’all will stick with me through this transition!

Also, I will still be co-hosting and contributing to Style Imitating Art (SIA) challenges, but this adds a slight change to my round-up post schedules. New SIA challenges will still be posted on Mondays, but when it’s my turn to curate, I will post round-up posts the following Wednesday  (rather than on the usual Tuesday).

Finally, y’all can look forward to some upcoming posts about packing up my closet, figuring out a de facto “capsule collection” of clothing while we pack up and stage the house for selling and then focus on packing up the rest of our stuff. Stay tuned!


14 thoughts on “Personal news + blog scheduling update

  1. karenstrand

    Congratulations on the your new job! Packing up and moving? Ug. But we look forward to seeing and how you style your way through the transition 🙂


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