Why I’m a style blogger, not a fashion blogger

If you’re reading this title and going, “Ummmm…. ok??” then let me explain. I do not consider myself a fashion blogger. Rather, I am a style blogger. So what’s the difference?

Librarian for Life + Style

Kally from the From a Distance blog summed up the differences in her “Style Blogger Vs. Fashion Blogger” post from May 2015:

Most people think that being a style blogger and a fashion blogger are one in the same [sic]. It’s understandable because both deal with clothes but they’re also very different. […] Fashion bloggers are those who keep up with the newest trends. […] Their outfits are usually high-end.

Style bloggers don’t care as much for what’s the latest trend but follow what they feel most comfortable in. […] Their clothes are ready-to-wear and at a reasonable price. Also, style bloggers don’t only talk about clothing. They can branch out to topics on beauty, hair, and even more personal topics.

By that explanation above, I am DEFINITELY a style blogger. It’s even in my blog title! 😉 I am aware of trends and runway fashion (I read Tom & Lorenzo and Go Fug Yourself on a daily basis — visit my Blog Love page), but I don’t focus on trends or runway shows on my blog. Rather, my blog here is chronicling my personal style journey and how I remix clothing I feel good in and feel comfortable in. And I do branch out at times to do other things, like review beauty products (like here with a brow kit) or highlight hairstyles (most recently detailing my new shorter ‘do).

Librarian for Life + Style | Why I started my style blog

Click the image to read about why I started my style blog

Style bloggers are also known as “personal style bloggers,” because again, it’s about that specific blogger’s personal take on style, not just about showcasing the latest trends. The photographs on a fashion blogger’s site also tend to be much more stylized and posed than on a style blogger’s site. I also want to be clear:  one is NOT better or worse than the other; my point is that each is different and has its own focus.

(Also, if you search on Google using the different phrases “fashion blogger” vs. “style blogger,” you do come up with different results.)

So why am I writing about this? It’s been on my mind for a couple of reasons. I always want to — and often do — correct anyone who refers to me as a “fashion blogger” or that I have a “fashion blog,” but I wanted to articulate here WHY I do that. There is a difference between those two terms amongst bloggers. It might be semantics — and I am an English major! — but it feels important to me to make that distinction.

I’m also a member of a private Facebook group of bloggers, and there was a recent question posed:

Are you a “blogger”? Or do you just “have a blog”?

So that also got me thinking along similar lines. I do consider myself a blogger and more specifically, I consider myself a “style blogger” — as opposed to a “fashion blogger” or a specific niche like a “mommy blogger” or a “sewing blogger.” I also consider my blog a hobby, because I have a full-time job. I’ve been blogging for a little over 4 years, and I still feel like an amateur in many ways. And I’m okay with that.

This is a personal style journey — showcased on my style-and-not-a-fashion blog — and thanks to all for joining me on that journey!


10 thoughts on “Why I’m a style blogger, not a fashion blogger

    1. Jen @ Librarian for Life and Style Post author

      You’re welcome! I know we’ve talked about this a bit in real life, but I kept thinking about it… so why not explore my thoughts about in writing? Sometimes, it’s useful to have a blog to be able to do that kind of thing! 😉

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  2. mejamie

    Reblogged this on J. Gray style and commented:
    I thought this post was really helpful. And because I’m such a newbie to blogging, it definitely answered some of my question about style vs. fashion blogs. Let me know if it was helpful to you too!

    1. Jen @ Librarian for Life and Style Post author

      Yes, I am aware of trends from blogs like ‘Go Fug Yourself’ and ‘Tom and Lorenzo’ but I don’t really care about following trends myself. Besides, trends get recycled, so if you hold onto something you love, odds are it will come back on trend eventually! 🙂


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