SIA: Young Girl Reading

Time for the next Style Imitating Art (SIA) challenge, and it’s my time to curate! I chose Jean-Honoré Fragonard’s famous oil painting, Young Girl Reading (also known as The Reader), ca. 1770. This painting has always had a soft spot in my heart, and I got to see this painting in real life a few years ago at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC.

Young Girl Reading by Jean-Honoré Fragonard, ca. 1770

Young Girl Reading by Jean-Honoré Fragonard, ca. 1770

I love the painting because of its subject matter — OBVIOUSLY. I am a librarian, and I am not made of stone. 😉

I also thought it would also be good for an SIA challenge because of its soft colors (soft yellow or gold, lilac or dusky rose, white, and even a greenish tinge on the walls) and textures. It’s such a lovely painting, capturing a quiet, private kind of moment I think we can all relate to.

You can read more about the painting here and more about the artist here. Apparently, it’s one of a series Fragonard painted, each one painted very quickly. Scans have also revealed that he originally painted the young girl’s face as facing forward toward the audience — but I’m glad he changed that! I think the painting has more resonance with the girl absorbed in her book, and like we, the audience, are peeking into a private moment.

So how do can you participate in this week’s SIA challenge? Everyone is welcome to participate in SIA challenges, bloggers and non-bloggers alike. Just send a picture of an outfit inspired by this week’s SIA choice (flat lays and selfies also okay) to me at by next Monday, May 16, 10 p.m. PST. I will post the round-up the following morning on my blog.


2 thoughts on “SIA: Young Girl Reading

  1. Mike

    Awesome choice, Jen! I LOVE the subject of this painting for a VERY good reason. And I agree. I think the painting says more to the viewer from this angle than if it positioned her facing front. It tells a mini story, or sorts, in that the viewer has walked through a doorway and they happened to catch this girl reading quietly in her room. That’s how I see and interpret it.

    Anyway, this should be fun! I already have some ideas as to how I want to do it. 🙂


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