SIA: Tiffany Dome

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It’s time for another Style Imitating Art (SIA) challenge, and this week’s Erin from Loop Looks chose something a little different this week (love it!) and something fitting for U.S. National Library Week, April 10-16.

The glass dome, pictured below, is the world’s largest Tiffany glass done, in the building currently known as the Chicago Cultural Center. The building opened in 1897 as the first Chicago Public Library, and the dome is atop the room where people picked up the books they had requested, now known as the Preston Bradley Hall. And, of course, the oldest library association in the world, the American Library Association, has its headquarters in Chicago. How neat are all these library connections?! LOVE. You can read more info about the dome here at this site.

Tiffany glass dome in the Chicago Cultural Center

Tiffany glass dome in the Chicago Cultural Center

The translucent glass, cut in the shape of fish scales, changes colors throughout the day, ranging from light blue to green to almost rainbow-colored. So you can pick any color for your inspiration outfit! I am also intrigued by the bold lines of the cast iron frame, so you could also go for black stripes or windowpane check. So many options! I am no idea yet where this SIA inspiration dome will take me, but it sure will be fun to think about!

So all are welcome to participate in SIA challenges, bloggers and non-bloggers alike. Just send a pic of an outfit inspired by this week’s inspiration artwork — selfies and flat lay pics are also fine — to this week’s curator, Erin, at Submissions due by next Monday, April 18, and Erin will post the round-up on her blog, Loop Looks, the following morning.


4 thoughts on “SIA: Tiffany Dome

  1. Mike

    Like I said on Salazar’s blog just now, absolutely gorgeous. I’ve always loved stained glass art and how light from the sun illuminates it as it moves across the sky. But this just takes my breath away. My creative juices are already churning trying to come up with a way on how to go about interpreting this beautiful piece. I’ll be curious to see what everyone else comes up with!

  2. Lynn

    In case anyone is wondering (like I was), the 16 symbols in the center of the dome are the 12 symbols of the Zodiac (plus what appear to be 4 flower symbols to make a total of 16). Not being into astrology, they were both frustratingly familiar and yet mysterious.

    1. Lynn

      Also found this about the work (at
      “The Hellenistic zodiac in the oculus is an ancient symbol of navigation and exploration. Hovering over the original library Delivery Room, it represents the pursuit of knowledge in books.”

      The flower symbols are probably more technically known as rosettes. Regardless, it’s a beautiful stained glass dome and should inspire some great styling!. 🙂

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