Librarian style profile: Daenel

It’s officially my 4th blog anniversary! Today we are wrapping up our special mini-series of librarian style profiles to help celebrate my blogiversary. (And if you’re a U.S. resident, be sure to enter my $50 Macy’s gift card giveaway — deadline is Monday the 11th!)

Daenel from Living Outside the StacksToday we get to learn more about Daenel from the Living Outside the Stacks blog, included on my Blog Love page. I have been a reader (or lurker?) of Daenel’s blog for several years, and I just find her so cool and down-to-earth and introspective and fabulous. I also asked Daenel for 3-5 pics of an outfit, or favorite outfits, which I’ve sprinkled in-between the interview questions. Enjoy!

Thanks so much, Daenel, for sharing!

Brief bio and background as a librarian (or MLS experience):

I kind of stumbled into librarianship. I was a graduate assistant for the History Department at The University of Scranton (my original plan was to get my PhD in American History and become a history professor). My job was to process the papers of former Congressman Joseph McDade in the Special Collections and University Archives Office. When it came time for me to graduate, I realized that I really didn’t want to leave. I asked my supervisor and the Dean of the Library if I could stay. And they said “yes.” They also encouraged me to go on and get my library degree. That was ten years ago. In that time, I’ve worked in both academic and public libraries. And I’ve worked everything from archives to reference to access services to computer services. I’ve also been given the opportunity to teach American History on the side at just about every college where I’ve served as a librarian. Honestly, the best of both worlds.

Currently, I’m librarian in Albany, Georgia. I’ve been at this job for almost a year. I also teach American History from 1877 to the present. So, again, best of both worlds. Prior to this, I was the Access Services Coordinator at a university in Southeast Missouri.

How would you describe your style?

I grew up in Italy and have lived in over ten states, so I’d say that my style is heavily influenced by my time in Europe and New Orleans. [Editor’s note:  WOW! That is so fascinating!] I tend to be very eclectic. I think the fashionable term is “bohemian.” I like clothes that are colorful, unique, and comfortable. I buy most of my clothes from local shops, thrift stores, and television shopping channels. The one item of clothing that I simply cannot pass up is a print skirt. Every morning I take pictures of myself with a cup of coffee and post it to Instagram {}, so I look for pretty patterns to serve as interesting backdrops for my photos.

In typical librarian fashion, I own and wear more cardigans than should be allowed by law. [Editor’s note:  No such thing! 😉 ] But, truth be told, cardigans serve a very practical purpose: libraries are cold [Yep.]. I wear traditional cardigans but, lately, I’ve started wearing the longer duster length ones. I like that they cover all the bits and pieces. And the newer ones with all the lace? Swoon.

Favorite outfit from Living Outside the Stacks, lace cardigan + boots

Favorite outfit from Living Outside the Stacks, lace cardigan + boots

Do you have any strong opinions or thoughts about the connection between style and your profession as a librarian?

Overall, I think librarians tend to be a bit quirky. And I’m no exception. I’ve worked in libraries that had very strict dress codes {business attire} and at libraries that had very relaxed dress codes {jeans and, ahem, hockey uniforms were the norm}. I think I prefer the middle of the road. There are days when I really want to just pull on a pair of jeans, a long drape-y sweater, and a pair of boots. But I do understand the need to maintain professional standards, especially when working on a college campus.

[Editor’s note: Very interesting to describe librarian style as quirky! That’s also one of the words I use to describe my own style:  classic + comfy with a bit of quirk.]

Do you have a “casual Friday” policy at your work? Or do you institute your own personal “casual Friday” dress code?

My current place of work is business casual. We’re allowed to wear what we want, with the exception of jeans {we can wear them on Fridays}. Most of the time, I wear skirts, sweaters, tights {or socks}, and boots. Really, the only days that I wear pants are Thursdays and Fridays. Thursdays are my long days, so I tend to wear long sweaters/tunics and skinny pants tucked into boots. And on Fridays I wear jeans because we can. That’s also the one day that I’ll get a little more creative with my tops and do something fun like wear a dress over my jeans with a pair of cute shoes.

Favorite outfit from Living Outside the Stacks, neutral layers

Favorite outfit from Living Outside the Stacks, neutral layers

Do you plan your outfits in advance, or go with how you feel on the day?

I am so not an outfit planner. No, that’s not true. I’ll go to bed planning my outfit for the next day, get up, put it on, do my hair and makeup and then change my clothes like four times before I walk out of the door. Seriously. The only things I know for sure that I’ll be wearing are my Fitbit Charge HR, leather cuff, gold hoops, and a necklace. The rest is up in the air.

Do your casual and work styles differ?

My every day look is pretty much the same as my work look. I wish that I was one of those women who could wear suits and look all put together, but I always feel like a kid playing dress up. About the only difference between my work look and my casual look is that on the weekends I tend to load my arms up with bangles. Although I have been known to jingle through the work day.

Any other personal style tidbits/faves you’d like to share

My style theory is simple:

“If you see the colors together in nature, you can wear them on your body.”

So no fear of color here, although I do tend to wear a lot of neutrals. But when I wear color, I wear COLOR. I’m also a big fan of pattern mixing. I love love love a good floral and a stripe. Or a floral and a dot.

[Editor’s note:  LOVE this style theory and philosophy! I’ve also noted that Daenel is a fan of bold and fabulous statement necklaces.]

Favorite outfit from Living Outside the Stacks, dotted sweater + skirt

Favorite outfit from Living Outside the Stacks, dotted sweater + skirt

Thank you, Daenel! Want more librarian style profiles? You can check out more librarian style profiles here.


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  1. Mike

    Just wanted to say a quick Happy 4th anniversary to you, Jen! It’s really great being here and I am happy to be a part of this community. Congratulations! Keep on blogging!

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