Spreading the blog love: 5 more style bloggers I love and why I love them

Last March, I ended the month — which is Women’s History Month — by spreading the blog love and highlighting 9 of my favorite style bloggers. This year, I am continuing the theme by spotlighting 5 more style bloggers I love and why I love them.

Spreading the Blog Love: 5 more style bloggers I love and why I love them


Clarabelle collage

Clare from Clarabelle likes her “style with a bit of snark” and a “whole lotta sass.” She is hilarious and smiley and, yes, sassy! She is equally fearless when it comes to her style, as she mixes different patterns and textures and colors together. Within the past year, Clare has moved from Harlem, New York to Richmond, Virginia, and is a new mom to adorable daughter Hannah.


Here & Now collage

Jessica from Here&Now has a cheery, accessible style, and I love her mix of casual and work-appropriate outfits. She calls Nashville home, and she also highlights budget-friendly clothing options. I find myself pinning a lot of Jessica’s outfits for work and casual inspiration!

Putting Me Together

Putting Me Together collage

Audrey from Putting Me Together has filled her style blog with tons of remixing options and practical advice about you-name-it, from how to use accessories to packing to shoe inserts to how to roll up layered sleeves. Audrey is totally committed to highlighting affordable fashion and helping others build a remixable, accessible wardrobe.

Kezzie AG

Kezzie collage

Kezzie from the Kezzie AG blog has been blogging for over a decade, and her fun outfits and accessories have brightened up many Style Imitating Art (SIA) round-ups. Her style is bright and cheerful and whimsical, and her personality comes through everything she wears — and writes! I can’t help but smile every time I visit Kezzie’s blog. 🙂

Emily Style

Emily Style 'What to Wear' blog

Emily from Emily Style has the BEST outfit collages, tagged with her “What to Wear” tag. I love that her collages also have a sense of humor with the “props” and accessories she adds — she really sets the scene and scenario, doesn’t she? I have pinned so many of Emily’s “What to Wear” collages! She has a great eye for design and an absolute gift for pairing classy, stylish, and practical items together.

Hope you enjoyed this round-up of why and how these 5 bloggers continue to inspire me. These are not the ONLY bloggers who inspire me — there are sooooooo many more stylish women and awesome styles to celebrate on my Blog Love list! Also, please check out my “Spreading the Blog Love” post from last year.

Are any of these blogs are your own personal favorites list? Please leave a comment and share your favorites here!


12 thoughts on “Spreading the blog love: 5 more style bloggers I love and why I love them

  1. Kezzie

    That’s very nice Jen, thank you for including me. It’s nice to know I make you smile! If I can make someone smile, for whatever reason, that’s always a good thing!
    I will check the others out too!x

  2. Kezzie

    and given that I can’t comment on the latest post, yay for your 4th blogiversary- that’s so cool and that is an incrediby generous giveaway!x

    1. Jen @ Librarian for Life and Style Post author

      Thanks, Kezzie! Yeah, I’m sorry about the U.S. reader requirement — I didn’t realize it until I received the gift card and saw the restriction on the back. I know that I have some very committed international readers, so I will have to make sure I offer something available internally next time!

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