SIA: Turkish tulip embroidery

It’s my turn to curate the next Style Imitating Art (SIA) challenge! I have been drawn to textile arts since Sam and I visited an Islamic embroidery art exhibit back when we lived in the UAE. So that means two textile art pieces in a row for me! I couldn’t help myself when I recently came across two mentions of Turkish textile arts, here in this post about the use of tulips in Turkish textiles and patterns and here in this post about caftans from the Ottoman period.

Such lovely patterns and embroidery, it was hard to choose just one piece. But here it is: this pattern was in both posts I linked to above, and I was captivated by its bold, bright colors and bold, graphic use of the tulip motif. Just so gorgeous. This detail is from a caftan from the 16th century (!) of the Ottoman period. As this post states, “Caftans with tulip, cloud and ‘dot’ motifs are frequently encountered in the 16th century when the Turkish art of the fabric was highly advanced.”

Detail of Turkish tulip design from 16th century Ottoman caftan

So how do you participate in SIA? All are welcome to participate, whether you have a blog or not. Just send a pic of something you wear inspired by this week’s artwork — and your pic can be a selfie or a flat lay! — and email me with your submission by next Monday, April 4, by 10 p.m. PST. I will post the SIA round-up on my blog the following morning.


2 thoughts on “SIA: Turkish tulip embroidery

  1. Kezzie

    Ooh, this might be an interesting challenge! MUST remember to try and join in!Thanks for my continued education on art- SIA has taught me a lot!x


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