Featured in Bustle.com article roundup of ’21 Tall Women Who Rock Heels’

I have exciting news to share! Last week, a fashion writer on the Bustle.com website, Marlen Komar, contacted me about being featured on a post she was writing about tall women who rock heels. As she put it:

What would you tell other tall women that are scared towering over people in their own heels? I’m hoping to inspire ladies to embrace the fashion they love, no matter their height or size.

Bustle.com is a new site for & by women, with categories for news, entertainment, fashion & beauty, lifestyle, and books.

Screenshot from Bustle.com article

I jumped on the opportunity and sent in my quote and a selection of photos to choose from, photos of me wearing heels. Marlen was great to work with and very prompt in her communications. And Marlen’s resulting article, “21 Tall Women Wearing Heels Because Being “Too Tall” Isn’t A Thing” was published this past Sunday. I’m #12 on the list — yay! 12 is one of my lucky numbers! Please check out all the awesome advice and perspectives from these lovely Amazonians.

Also, BONUS, my blogger pal Gracey @ Fashion for Giants is also featured (at #7)! Go, Gracey!


8 thoughts on “Featured in Bustle.com article roundup of ’21 Tall Women Who Rock Heels’

  1. Erin @ Loop Looks

    Love it!! Such an empowering article. I think that advice can be applied in a lot of situations, even for us gals who stand an average 5’4″. Wear what you love and what makes you feel good and rock it!

  2. Jane Whittingham

    How exciting!! Good for you – fashion is supposed to be fun, and no one should feel like there are styles they can or can’t wear, it should be about having fun and expressing yourself!


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