6 ways to wear a yellow cardigan

I very rarely wear yellow — usually reserving it for accessories for a pop of color — so I was surprised, when digging through my archives, to find how versatile I have found this yellow cardigan I fashion-swapped two springs ago. I have worn this yellow cardigan, which has a subtle print of starbursts, with colors spanning the rainbow, including burgundy, pink, red, royal blue, navy, purple, brown, and of course, black and white, as well as leopard print. And I’ve worn this yellow cardigan with casual, work casual, and work outfits.

Here are six different ways I’ve worn this yellow cardigan from Target:

Librarian for Life + Style | 6 ways to wear a yellow cardigan collage

Links to original outfit posts:

top left  //  top middle  //  top right
bottom left  //  bottom middle  //  bottom right

When I went scouting online for a similar cardigan, I came up pretty empty. It’s harder than I thought to even find a cardigan in a soft yellow (and not mustard) color! But below, I’ve rounded up a few options, in different shades of yellow, and in a few different textures.

Librarian for Life + Style | Yellow cardigan collage

Has any item in your wardrobe surprised you with its versatility? Please leave a comment and share! 🙂

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16 thoughts on “6 ways to wear a yellow cardigan

    1. Jen @ Librarian for Life and Style Post author

      Thanks, Dawn Lucy! I actually don’t think I look very good in yellow (tends to wash out my pale coloring), which is why there is so little of it in my closet. That’s probably why I almost always pair this pale yellow cardigan with brighter, more saturated colors! 🙂

  1. Sheela Goh

    Oooh I’ve been hunting for loads of yellow pieces to wear this season (well, in Houston, there really isn’t much of a difference between Spring and Summer, sadly), and a cardigan is right at the very top of my list so thank you for sharing options, I quite like the Merona 🙂 and I particularly like how you wore yours belted, over that white pencil skirt.

    Do join my link-up if you can, Jen, it’d be lovely to have you xoxo


    1. Jen @ Librarian for Life and Style Post author

      Thanks so much, Sheela, and yes, I’m familiar with the “non-seasons” in Texas! And that white pencil skirt I belted the cardigan over is actually a white DRESS. I love wearing dresses as skirts, and this dress is special, as it’s a vintage dress from my mom. 🙂 Sorry I missed your linkup!

  2. JL (@Pocketopolkadot)

    This is a very pretty shade of yellow and so versatile. So many great looks – I really like the last one with the bright pink and pencil skirt. Thanks for showing a great list of options. Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for linking up, Jen.

    1. Jen @ Librarian for Life and Style Post author

      Agreed, yellow is surprisingly versatile! (Especially as accessories.) I think it’s underrated because it’s a harder color for some of us to wear, especially those of us with paler skin. I think yellow looks wonderful on darker and olive-toned skin, since there is more of a contrast.

  3. Jane Whittingham

    Cardigans are the librarian’s secret weapon – perfect when working in libraries with unpredictable temperatures, great for making you look professional without looking stuffy, and a nice way to change up outfits so you can remix the same staple pieces without getting bored. 🙂


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