SIA round-up: Sunrise by Georgia O’Keeffe

Time for another Style Imitating Art (SIA) round-up!

It was my turn again to curate SIA and to start off the new year, and I chose “Sunrise,” 1916, by American artist Georgia O’Keeffe (1887-1986), for its bright colors and symbolism for the new year. You can view a timeline of O’Keeffe’s works here and find out more about her life and works on the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum site.

Sunrise - 1916 - Georgia O'Keeffe

First up is Mike, who focused on the crimson and gold colors in the painting — and was able to incorporate the sun itself at sunset! How awesome is that?! 😀

Mike's SIA outfit

Next is my friend and fellow librarian Stephanie, who used the scarf to pull in a bit of pink and also the bands of color. Very clever! 🙂 There’s also a banded pattern of sorts in her cable-knit tights.

Stephanie's SIA outfit

A big welcome to Rabbit Style News, who’s been following SIA for awhile and is participating in her first SIA challenge! I LOVE her red pants, and that her gold skinny belt is “a touch of gold sun.”

Rabbit Style News SIA post

Next is SIA co-founder Salazar @ 14 Shades of Grey who did it her way! She went for the monochromatic look of the painting and adapted it to her wardrobe with shades of blue. Like Salazar says, “And that’s the fun of SIA – you can interpret a painting any way you want.” 🙂

Salazar's SIA outfit

Next is Alison from Nouveau North Westerners, who has only a couple of weeks to go before the birth of her twins! So glad you were able to participate, Alison, and best wishes! 😀 Alison is perfection in her pom-pom-trimmed shawl and bright statement necklace.

Alison's SIA outfit

Next up is Erin @ Loop Looks, who also is featuring the glow of the sunset in her “Sunrise”-inspired outfit. I’m so happy she chose this top, which is one of my favorites of Erin’s, and it looks fantastic paired with that bright pink blazer.

Erin's SIA outfit

Kezzie @ KezzieAG also thought outside the box this week and jazzed up her black outfit with a colorful scarf and brooches in shades of pink and orange that definitely play off the inspiration painting.

Kezzie's SIA post

Noelle @ The Classy Junk also played with color and accessories in a winterized SIA outfit. I also love that Noelle and I also kind of play off each other in our cardigans and chevron tights (and snowy backdrops). 😀

Noelle's SIA outfit

And finally, there’s me! You can see more photos and closeups in yesterday’s outfit post.

Librarian for Life + Style | Yellow + pink + burgundy

Details:  Yellow cardigan {similar}  //  Pink sleeveless blouse {exact}  //  Burgundy pencil skirt {very similar}  //  Pink skinny belt {very similar}  //  Chevron tights {very similar}  //  Bronze heels {similar}

Thanks to everyone for helping SIA start off the new year in such a bright and cheerful way! The next SIA challenge will be curated next Monday by Jess @ Animated Cardigan, and don’t forget to visit SIA co-founder Salazar @ 14 Shades of Grey.

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15 thoughts on “SIA round-up: Sunrise by Georgia O’Keeffe

  1. Salazar

    Ooh, Erin’s blouse is gorgeous. And Kezzie’s brooches are adorable, as always! And I love that Mike and Erin made sure to include the sun itself in their photos.

  2. Mike

    Awesome job everyone! What a wonderful way to start off the new year with such bright and vibrant colors! Everyone looks awesome and did a superb job with this! As I noted on Salazar’s blog yesterday, I thought her monochromatic theme of the painting was excellent! 🙂 And I wouldn’t have been able to pull this one off as effectively without the sunset so big thanks to Mother Nature for that. 😉

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  4. Nouveau North Westerners

    Everyone nailed it again! I’m so jealous of Mike and Erin actually being able to see the sun! 😉 I love all the subtle pattern mixing that’s going on, Jen, Noelle, Stephanie and even Kezzie with her brooches and Erin with her jacket cuffs and shirt. My highlights are the Stephanie and Salazar’s shoes! Love them, both are gorgeous colors and styles.

    1. Mike

      Thanks so much Alison! I guess Erin and I were thinking the same thing here but in my case, it was pure luck. Just happened to be in the right place at the right time!
      And once again, congratulations on your expectancy!! Best wishes! 🙂

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