12 coats for Christmastime

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Going back through my archives, I realized I have substantially added to the variety of coats in my closet over the years, from my time living in Wisconsin and since moving here to the Pacific Northwest. I thought a retrospective of winter coats would be fun to do — especially when I realized I have 12 coats I wear during the fall and winter seasons!

So let’s count down 12 of my coats for Christmastime:

Librarian for Life + Style | Winter coats collage

  1. Brown faux leather jacket {similar style with hood} {faux leather moto style}:  I’ve had this faux leather jacket in my closet for so many years, I can’t quite recall where I got it! It’s a classic shape and kind of ’70s-style retro in its cut, which I quite like. It has a quilted lining, so it’s a good choice for a chilly fall or mild winter day. Original post here.
  2. Plaid swing coat {very similar} {similar}:  My husband found this retro-style Façonnable swing coat for me last year at one of our favorite local thrift shops. Up close, the plaid turns out to be a houndstooth pattern! Being wool, this short swing coat is surprisingly warm, but I generally wear it on warmer (and drier) fall and winter days. Original post here.
  3. Vintage black wool swing coat with faux fur collar {similar} {similar in short swing coat style}:  My mom made this coat back in the ’60s, so it’s both vintage AND very personal! I save this coat for special, fancy occasions. Original post here.
  4. Plaid empire-waist peacoat {similar} {similar in trench coat style}:  Another thrifted coat that my husband found for me! I get compliments on this coat every time I wear it. It has a slightly unusual shape (bell-shaped with an empire waist) and a slightly unusual pattern (houndstooth plaid in shades of purple and dark olive). Original post here.
  5. Navy puffer coat {very similar}:  This coat is actually my dad’s, so I guess you could technically call it vintage. It’s one of my warmest coats, and a bit oversized on me, so it’s good for really cold (and snowy) days when I have multiple layers on underneath. Original post here.
  6. Black raincoat with removable hood {almost exact from same brand – and same scarf!} {very similar from same brand – with removable hood}:  This raincoat is London Fog and one of my most-worn coats. Very practical for cold and/or rainy days. It’s lined in a light wool plaid, and it came with a matching scarf. Original post here.
  7. Tan wool peacoat {very similar} {very similar with attached hood}:  I got this coat when we lived in Texas, so this classic peacoat has been in my closet for well over a decade! It’s a little bit lighter (and shorter) than my other wool coats, so I tend to wear it more in the fall. Original post here.
  8. Purple wool coat {almost exact from same brand} {very similar from same brand in shorter length}:  I got this long, wool coat in Wisconsin, and it’s one of my favorite winter coats! It’s from Lands’ End, so you know the quality is high. I got it at a Lands’ End outlet store, so it cost less than you would find online — but it still would be worth every penny! I could have gotten this coat in black or grey, but having it in purple is a bit unexpected — and surprisingly versatile! I just wish I had a matching one in red… 😉 Original post here.
  9. Grey “Vienna” coat {very similar} {similar}:  I call this my “Vienna” coat because I bought it for a holiday trip to Vienna. We were living overseas in the UAE at the time, so all my winter coats were in storage in the States — which explains why I had to buy another coat! And I LOVE this coat, which has become another go-to coat for winter. It has a slight military feel to it, with its large lapels and large button plackets. Original post here.
  10. Tan quilted jacket {almost exact with detachable hood from same brand} {very similar style from same brand in other colors}:  Another coat bought for an overseas trip, this time to Scotland. And another Lands’ End classic! It’s a shorter, quilted jacket, so it’s better for warmer winter or chilly fall days. It’s also water-resistant, so a good choice for the Pacific Northwest, as well. Original post here.
  11. Black wool “hoodie” coat {very similar}:  I got this basic black, mid-weight coat with attached hood while living in Wisconsin, so again, I’ve had this coat for a decade. The inside is grey, so it’s a quite versatile coat, and it has seaming along the front so that when it’s zipped up, it’s a quite slim-fitting silhouette. Original post here.
  12. Bohemian knit-and-suede coat {exact style in black} {bohemian style knit jacket}:  My newest addition to my coat collection! I fashion-swapped this lamb fur-trimmed beauty in November, and it is a Statement Coat with a capital “S”. 😀 Original post here.

Any favorites here? What is your favorite coat from your own closet? Please leave a comment and let me know!

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