Monthly budget adventures (November 2015)

It’s time to explore my monthly budget adventures! November is always a really intense time of the school year for me — a lot of residual stress from students coming off of mid-terms and ramping up for the finals — so I didn’t go shopping at all this month. When I wasn’t working, I was hibernating at home.

I spent $0 — that’s twice this year! see also August, my birthday month — but once again, I actually added quite a few items to my closet this month, mostly thanks to a friend’s fashion swap. Details below!

New items in red + green

My husband recently gifted me a literary-themed scarf in green, as seen here in this post last week, and I received a new red twill pencil skirt I had ordered last month from eShakti. When I went to take pics, I realized how seasonally appropriate the two of them together were, in their shades of red + green! 😀

Librarian for Life + Style | New green scarf and red skirt

Librarian for Life + Style | New green scarf and red skirt

And then my mom sent me a care package and inside was a sweet surprise of silver drop malachite earrings. So delicate and pretty!

Librarian for Life + Style | New silver earrings


Fashion swap donations

I was also invited to a friend’s clothing swap last weekend, and I had a bag of clothing and accessories to donate to the cause. Most of the items I donated just didn’t fit right anymore (e.g. my black skinny jeans and my bold-striped pencil skirt, both items too small now, and my red jeans that ended up stretching out too much). I also put items in the bag that I have been questioning for awhile (e.g. grey striped blazer and the purple print blouse that had one too many ruffles).

Librarian for Life + Style | Donations to fall fashion swap, 2015

Detail, left to right:  Beaded tunic, Woolworth’s {seen here}  //  Teal v-neck tee, Gap   //  Navy v-neck tee, Gap {seen here}  //  Burgundy turtleneck, ?  //  Grey turtleneck ?  //  Black cable knit sweater, fashion-swapped with friend {seen here}  //  Olive print tee, OPB freebie

Librarian for Life + Style | Donations to fall fashion swap, 2015

Details, left to right:  Striped pencil skirt, Target, thrifted {seen here}  //  Sunglasses, NYS, blogger party gift {seen here}  //  Red jeans, thrifted {seen here}  //  Black striped tee, thrifted {seen here}  //  Navy striped tee, fashion-swapped with friend

Librarian for Life + Style | Donations to fall fashion swap, 2015

Details, left to right:  Black skinny jeans, Target {seen here}  //  Purple print blouse, fashion-swapped {seen here}  //  Grey striped blazer, fashion-swapped {seen here}

Fashion swap finds

I ended up bringing home two bags of swapped items home — but fewer items than what I brought to the swap! The 10 items I brought home, mostly sweaters and coats, were collectively bulkier than the 15 items I had brought.

I’ve already worn the three items below! Soooooo excited for more comfy sweaters — and a pair of NYDJ jeans!!

Librarian for Life + Style | Fall fashion swap 2015 finds -- casual

Details, left to right:  Navy long-sleeved sweater, Gap Tall {almost exact from same brand}  //  Long green button-up sweater cardigan, Patagonia {very similar} {very similar in wrap coat style} {similar in open cardigan style}  //  Boot-cut jeans, NYDJ {very similar from same brand}

I picked up the pretty fit-and-flare dress below, and because of its dark floral pattern, I’m already thinking about how to winterize it! The burgundy athletic skirt will work well with leggings for comfy casual wear.

Librarian for Life + Style | Fall fashion swap 2015 finds - dress and skirt

Details, left to right:  Floral print dress in crinkle cotton, Aryeh {similar style and floral print from same brand}  //  Burgundy athletic skirt, Mountain Hardwear {very similar from same brand}

I scored with accessories, particularly the ombre scarf in tones of grey and black. I have been on the lookout for both a grey scarf and a black scarf — and with this, I get both! 🙂 The earrings were made by a local artist and seemed like a fun choice with my bobbed hair.

Librarian for Life + Style | Fall fashion swap 2015 finds - accessories

Details, left to right:  Long earrings (in copper?), local artist {long bohemain-style earrings} //  Silk scarf in purple geometric pattern, Casual Corner Annex {similar}  //  Ombre scarf, no tag {similar} {similar in infinity scarf style} {very similar in wrap style}

And, last but not least, I discovered these two coats at the bottom of a pile and gasped at their uniqueness. The grey faux-fur coat is vintage with bracelet-length sleeves (meant to be worn with gloves), and the ’70s-style coat combines knit and suede and lamb fur! I actually wore the ’70s-style coat home, and Sam LOVED it! 😀 Definitely two coats that make a statement!

Librarian for Life + Style | Fall fashion swap 2015 finds - coats

Details, left to right:  Grey faux-fur coat, vintage, Dubrowsky & Perlbinder {modern faux-fur option} //  Knit-and-suede coat with lamb fur trim, Phosphorus {EXACT coat in black!!!}

Budget recap

TOTAL SPENT for this month:  $0
TOTAL SAVINGS for this month:  $500+ estimate?


Looking ahead

So what’s on the horizon for next month? I need to replace the pair of black skinny jeans I donated to the fashion swap cause, and of course, Christmas is coming up! Stay tuned!

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