SIA: Freedom from Want

It’s time again for another Style Imitating Art (SIA) challenge! This week, Jess @ Animated Cardigan is curating SIA, and she chose a classic 1942 Norman Rockwell painting, “Freedom from Want,” which was published as the cover of The Saturday Evening Post in March 1943.

The painting is from the “Four Freedoms” series of four paintings by Rockwell, inspired by FDR’s 1941 State of the Union address, which was known as “Four Freedoms.” The painting below, which depicts a warm, homey Thanksgiving scene is also known as “The Thanksgiving Picture” from the series.

"Freedom from Want" - 1942 - Norman Rockwell

“Freedom from Want” – 1942 – Norman Rockwell

It’s an interesting SIA choice — and absolutely perfect for this time of year! The tones and pattern of the wallpaper tie in with the older woman’s housedress, and there are lots of shades of white, brown, and black with bits of green and orange.

So how do you participate in SIA? Bloggers and non-bloggers are welcome to participate. Just send a picture of an outfit inspired by this week’s SIA inspiration to Jess at by next Monday night, Nov. 30. Jess will then post the round-up shortly after on her blog, Animated Cardigan.


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