10 hats for fall + winter

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We are fully into the fall season now — my favorite time of year! — and I have found myself thinking more about hats to wear for the cooler temps. I went back through my archives and rounded up 10 favorite hats I wear throughout the fall and winter seasons.

Librarian for Life + Style | 10 hats for fall + winter

Top row:  left  //  middle  //  right ; Second row:  left  //  right ; Third row:  left  //  right ; Bottom row:  left  //  middle  //  right

I realized that my collection of cooler-weather hats fall into the following major categories:

Knit tams/beanies:

I have several colors and versions of the tam/beanie style, including ones in blue, grey, and black. Knitter friends have also knitted me versions in grey and purple tones. I usually like to wear knit tams/beanies low on the forehead and angled to one side.

Options:  {slouchy knit style in multiple colors} {leopard print beanie} {bright red beaded beanie with bow detail}


I found a classic, French-style beret in a vintage store years ago. It’s a bit snug, but oh so chic.

Options:  {classic style beret in black + other colors} {plaid knit beret with small bow} {black felt beret with floral detail} {black knit beret with pearl studs}


I have a classic brown felt cloche bought years ago as well as a red wool version. No wonder I’ve had these hats for years — they never go out of style!

Options:  {brown cloche with ribbon and bow} {felt flower cloche in multiple colors} {red wool cloche similar to mine} {asymmetrical cloche with beaded detail}

Newsboy/fisherman caps:

I thrifted a classic newsboy cap a few years ago, and my black fisherman cap is my newest hat, bought last winter, as seen here in this post. Both styles are great for rainy fall and winter days!

Options:  {black option similar to mine} {cable knit option in multiple colors} {plaid options} {classic newsboy cap style}

What are your favorite hat styles for fall and winter? Please leave a comment and let me know!


2 thoughts on “10 hats for fall + winter

  1. Kezzie

    You got me with the hats!!! Nice collection Jen! I like all these types and then a wide fedora and floppy hat! The last one I bought was a straw one with black trimming- it must have shrunk though as it seemed very tight when I tried it on recently!x


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