Shoe love: Grey suede booties

I have referred to this a few times before on the blog, but today I go in-depth into one of my earliest — and favorite — “fashion” memories. In second grade, at age 7, I had two pairs of shoes: basic sneakers and a pair of grey suede booties. I wore the grey suede booties into the ground — literally, until the soles were wearing off! (I hardly broke in the sneakers before I outgrew them.) I loved those booties SO much, and it feels like ever since, I have been on the lookout for a replacement.

Oddly, recently going through childhood photos, I could only find ONE picture that included my grey suede booties. And fair warning, the color quality of the photo is not very good, so you don’t get a clear image of the shoes. But BONUS, it’s still a cute photo from my childhood! (And how about those bold chevron stripes on my classic ’80s puffy jacket? Pretty snazzy!)

Librarian for Life + Style | Childhood photo of bicycles + booties

The grey suede booties of my childhood were flat-soled and scrunchy, but that style just wouldn’t work for me as much now. Also, it’s just not practical having a fully suede shoe up here in the Pacific Northwest, due to the rain.

But when I saw this post from Jeans & a Teacup, featuring grey leather booties with suede sides, my eyes lit up. The brand was Naturalizer and after looking on their site, I found there were TWO similar styles with grey leather, suede sides, and a low heel, as seen here and here. I used the store locater on the site and noted an outlet store very close to where I work. I know that outlet stores do not always have the same styles available in regular stores or online, but I thought, why not give it a try? So that VERY DAY, I headed over to the outlet store after work. I carpool with my friend and colleague Stephanie, so she accompanied me on this quick “let’s just go-and-see” stop.

And lo and behold, at the Naturalizer outlet store, there was this pair of grey suede booties IN MY SIZE and ON SALE. I know I’m getting all capsy, but that is because of joy. SWOON. I love that it’s not too high of a heel and has an interesting, sleek design and smaller side buckle. It does have a narrower footbed, but that fits my narrower foot. And having just a little bit of suede on the sides — instead of all-over suede — is a better fit for where I live.

Librarian for Life + Style | New grey suede booties

This pair was actually returned to the outlet store, which is why the store had the shoes in the first place. They still looked brand new, but because they were resale, they were 50% off the price!!! AND there was an extra 20% off sale going on, so I scored a major deal with these grey suede booties, going from a $129 starting point down to just over $50. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity — to not only snag such a great deal on a gorgeous pair of booties, but also to connect back to a favorite childhood memory.

After I tried on the booties — and they FIT, y’all — I jumped up and down and hugged Stephanie and said, “I’m so glad you were here to share this memory with me!” She cracked up! 😀

And one final look at these gorrrrrrrrrgeous grey suede booties. (By the way, I’ve already worn them, and I have a post lined up next week featuring these grey suede beauties. See what I did there? Beauties, booties, hee hee. 😉 )

Librarian for Life + Style | New grey suede booties

Do you have a favorite childhood memory about fashion or style? Please leave a comment and share your story!

Last but not least, I pulled together a collage of grey suede booties in different styles.

Librarian for Life + Style | Grey suede booties collage


  • Naturalizer ankle booties with smaller buckle:  This is the pair of grey ankle booties I purchased! I love the slimmer look of the style and the smaller buckle.
  • Naturalizer ankle booties with larger buckle:  This style has a lower profile and a small platform and a larger buckle.
  • Dansko ruched ankle booties:  These are a bit more expensive but I know that Danskos are known for their comfort and quality.
  • Journee Collection:  This is all-over suede and a taller profile, with a covered wedge. This style comes in several colors, including a darker grey.
  • Vionic:  More all-over suede and a covered wedge, it does have a sleek look and an elastic insert for comfort.
  • Aerosoles:  These booties are currently on sale and are a bit taller with a subtle ruching effect. There’s a low heel, and Aerosoles are also known for comfort. There’s another similar style by Aerosoles here.

8 thoughts on “Shoe love: Grey suede booties

  1. momofdox

    When I was about 10 years old, I had an amazing multi-colored, multi-patterned striped 3/4 sleeve shirt that my great aunt and uncle gave me. They were missionaries in Mexico, so of course that was the shirt’s origin. I loved that shirt! It was a simple design with a loud pattern. 🙂

  2. Mike

    I think that I had a jacket like that too! It had a similar pattern I think. I don’t remember too well as I was just a little fellow back in the 80s. Seems like so long ago, but here we are in 2015, about 30 some years later!

      1. Mike

        Your photo reminds me of one I saw of myself when I was little. I think I was in front of my family’s old house riding a tricycle! 😀


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