Monthly budget adventures (September 2015)

Here’s a look at my monthly budget adventures for September… and I did spend some money this past month, unlike last month! This month is all about basics. Also, everything’s coming up eShakti!

Librarian for Life + Style | What I got (Sept. 2015) collage


  • Black cotton knit dress, eShakti {similar}:  paid $48.16 (original price $64.95 + $20 gift coupon + 15% off coupon)
  • Black cotton knit skirt with belt, eShakti {similar}:  paid $27.92 (original price $59.95, on sale for $29.95, combined with offers below for shirtdress)
  • Dark denim shirtdress with belt, eShakti {similar}:  paid $0 (original price $69.95 + $20 gift coupon + $40 off promotional code + 20% off + free shipping)

I took advantage of several great sales and coupons this month from eShakti. First up is a cotton knit black dress. I have been seeking a replacement dress for ages, because the ponte knit black dress I got from Express a couple of years ago, as seen here, is just too short for me. And this is the third cotton knit dress I’ve gotten from eShakti, joining my red one and my grey one. Obviously, I like this style! (And don’t mind the packing wrinkles seen below — I just need to steam the dress before I wear it.)

Librarian for Life + Style | Closeup of black knit eShakti dress

I took advantage of a free customization offer on the eShakti site (customizations usually cost $7.50), and tweaked the dress design to be sleeveless (and knee length). I then added a personal note to add my waist-to-shoulder ratio, as this is STILL not a standard measurement on the eShakti system. When the dress arrived, I tried it on… and it fit! Finally, the shoulders and waistline fit — read about my shoulders issue with eShakti dresses here and here — and I am over the moon with my LBD for all seasons.

Stacking coupons

Librarian for Life + Style | eShakti shirtdress and skirt collage

I haven’t received these two items seen above in the mail yet, but they are on their way. I was able to score a major deal on this denim shirtdress and black skirt! I had been waiting for an opportunity to stack multiple coupons together, and I was able to stack a $20 coupon with a $40 off promotional code PLUS a 20% off code AND free shipping. All told, I got almost $130 worth of clothing for less than $30!

I finally pulled the trigger on all those coupons and deals because I have been stalking this denim shirtdress for months. Y’all know I love shirtdresses, and I already have a black cotton denim one, last seen here. I know that a dark denim shirtdress will be quite versatile. The black knit skirt is a replacement for a similar one in my closet, seen here, that is very old and has seen better days. I also liked the bonus of a wide black belt that comes with the knit skirt — as well as the fabric belt on the denim shirtdress. Details like that make clothing from eShakti feel special.

Budget recap

TOTAL SPENT for this month:  $76.08
TOTAL SAVINGS for this month:  $118.77


Clothing donations

Lastly, I have been talking for quite some time about trying out the ThredUp online donation system. I finally did it, and below is a quick preview of items I donated. (And you’ll notice one of those items is my Express ponte knit LBD — again, a great dress except for the short length.)

Librarian for Life + Style | ThredUp donations

I will have a more thorough review post about my ThredUp experience up tomorrow.

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4 thoughts on “Monthly budget adventures (September 2015)

  1. Erin @ Loop Looks

    I think your new LBD is the same one I have! Except mine is fuchsia 🙂 It really is very versatile and I’m looking forward to seeing how you style yours. Also, great job on the coupon stacking. That’s something I’m not very good at, to be honest.

    I’m very interested to read your post about ThredUp, too.

  2. Cassie

    That LBD looks like it’s going to be a fantastic core piece for your wardrobe! I’d love to have something similar in my closet.

    I was nodding along reading your posts about having to take the shoulders up in all of your dresses from there. I find I have the same issue shopping at stores like Le Chateau. Everything else fits perfectly, but they expect my shoulders to be 2″ higher than where they actually are!


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