What I wore to an afternoon wedding

Sam and I recently attended a wedding of two friends, and we were psyched when the groom asked Sam to wear his kilt. (The groom’s dad was wearing a kilt and didn’t want to be the only one.) We don’t get to attend many weddings anymore, because most of our friends are either already married (or don’t plan on getting married).

However, it was a little difficult to plan on what I was going to wear. Sam was wearing his kilt, which was a given, so whatever I wore needed to “go” with the Fraser red tartan. It was also an outdoor wedding in the afternoon, so the weather really had to be taken into account. And wouldn’t you know, the fickle late summer Portland weather decided to have one of its chilly, off-and-on rainy days. The bride had joked that if it rained, then we would get wet. And we did. It was glorious. 😀

Librarian for Life + Style | What we wore to an afternoon wedding

Librarian for Life + Style | Fraser tartan, his and hers

Sam dressed down his kilt a bit with a grey sweater, cream kilt hose, and brown brogues, along with his casual brown sporran. (He has a fancier faux fur sporran, which you can see here in this post.) Because of the chill in the air, I knew I needed to wear layers, so I finally decided on my light blue bicycle dress and my bejeweled black cardigan to add some sparkle for the occasion. A bright red skinny belt and a Fraser scarf looped onto my bag helped tie me into Sam’s look. And let me tell you, it felt STRANGE to be putting on tights again after a few months of going bare-legged! But it was worth it, as I was warm enough without having to wear a coat.

Librarian for Life + Style | What we wore to an afternoon wedding

Details:  Bejeweled cardigan, Forever 21, old {similar}  //  Bicycle print dress, c/o eShakti {similar} {bicycle print blouse} {bicycle print scarf} //  Red patent leather skinny belt, Target, old {exact}  //  Fraser tartan scarf {similar}  //  Black tote, Nine West {very similar from same brand}

The outdoor wedding was lovely, with fresh flowers adding color amidst the South Waterfront Park setting. We also had lovely views of Portland bridges around us. And the overcast skies made for PERFECT picture-taking conditions. Always a silver lining, eh? 🙂

Librarian for Life + Style | Wedding flowers

All the guests also got bubble wands, so OF COURSE Sam had to take pics of me blowing bubbles. (Too bad none of the bubbles showed up in the pics.)

Librarian for Life + Style | Blowing bubbles

Librarian for Life + Style | Blowing bubbles

All in all, a lovely occasion! And it was fun to get a bit dressed up, and of course Sam was a big hit in his striking tartan!

If you can’t get enough tartan, click here and here. Enjoy!

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10 thoughts on “What I wore to an afternoon wedding

  1. Highland Fashionista

    Aah, the old conundrum of what to wear when Himself is in tartan. I have long given up trying to “coordinate” with my husband’s kilt, although he wears Isle of Skye, so there are loads of nice color options if I go to something where we are “required” to coordinate.

    1. Jen @ Librarian for Life and Style Post author

      Heeeee, yes! I LOVED how you put it, “what to wear when Himself is in tartan” 😀 And the Isle of Skye tartan is quite nice, you’re right, with lots of different color options. My husband wants to get a more casual kilt in the Fraser hunting plaid, which I think would be quite nice — and provide me with more options to coordinate! I do love the tartan and a man in a kilt, and I always feel quite proud to support, how you put it, “when Himself is in tartan.” 😉

  2. Sharon

    I showed your pics to our 19 year-old daughter (library science major) and she said, “Oh, he’s awesome!!! I’m totally only going to marry a man who wears a kilt!!” Then she said, “Did she knit his socks? I could knit those socks!!!” (She’s a master knitter.) Lol. You both look wonderful.

    1. Jen @ Librarian for Life and Style Post author

      Heeeeeee, I loved your comment so much! Thanks for sharing! Gotta love a man in a kilt. I really do think it’s the confidence that comes from a man comfortable enough in himself to wear the kilt.

      And to answer your daughter’s question, no, I didn’t knit his socks — or rather, the official term is “kilt hose.” 😉 I have no skills whatsoever in that area. We got the kilt hose along with the rest of his formal kilt ensemble when we visited Scotland a few years ago. After selecting the tartan, his kilt was hand-sewn at the Highland House of Fraser in Inverness — a happy coincidence that my husband is also of the Clan Fraser! 😀


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