Wearing grey for all seasons

Grey is one of my favorite colors and one of my favorite neutrals, as it goes well with just about every other color. And it’s a softer and often more unexpected neutral than black.

My grey staples include:

  • cardigan
  • wide-leg trousers
  • fit-and-flare dress — with layering, can also serve double-duty as a skirt
  • striped t-shirt
  • jeans
  • blazer
  • tank top
  • leggings
  • flats

I went back through my archives of the nearly 150 outfits tagged “grey” and rounded up a collage of outfit ideas for each season.


Librarian for Life + Style | Wearing grey for all seasons: Summer

left  //  middle  //  right


Librarian for Life + Style | Wearing grey for all seasons: Fall

left  //  middle left  //  middle right  //  right


Librarian for Life + Style | Wearing grey for all seasons: Winter

left  //  middle left  //  middle right  //  right


Librarian for Life + Style | Grey for all seasons: Spring

left  //  middle left  //  middle right  // right

And lastly, I prefer to spell the word “grey” with an “e,” but I know its more common spelling — at least here in the United States — is “gray” with an “a.” How do you spell the word? Is it a favorite in your closet, as well? Please leave a comment and let me know!

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9 thoughts on “Wearing grey for all seasons

  1. Mike

    I like gray too Jen. Next to black, it’s one of my favorite colors. From an artists’ point of view, gray can sort of “soften” the rest of the colors on the color wheel because it’s so neutral by nature. Really bright colors like red and orange and yellow are especially affected by gray. It kind of lowers the luminosity of those bright, intense colors. Black on the other hand I think helps bring out those colors even more because it is so dark. And anything that’s coordinated with black will look brighter because of how dark black can be.
    Not wanting to take away from your discussion here Jen, but when talking about how color works, I get sort of excited. I’ve taken a few art classes in my college career and it’s interesting to learn how colors work, both with each other and against each other. 🙂
    And to answer your question, I sometimes interchange the spellings of the word “gray”, but as you can see, I use the spelling with the letter “a”. It’s natural as I’ve always been used to spelling it this way, but sometimes I’ll use the “e” spelling as well. I think that you can go either way with it. I think you’re right in that the “a” spelling of it is more American, while the “e” spelling is used outside of the US. And I want to add more gray shirts to my closet. They would go good with my black. 🙂

      1. Mike

        Thanks Jen ! It’s an interesting study of how color works, isn’t it? I’d like to study more on how color can affect people’s moods too. 🙂

  2. Erin @ Loop Looks

    I read somewhere once that as we age we gravitate more towards navy and gray as opposed to black because it’s less harsh. I don’t know if that’s true, but I will say that I I enjoy wearing gray (or grey :-)) and navy more now than I used to. It also helps that gray shows less dog hair than black 🙂

    And I spell it gray because that’s my sister’s married name and I have to stay consistent or I’ll misspell it 🙂


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