SIA round-up: Air France

Time for this week’s Style Imitating Art (SIA) round-up! Once again, my inspiration pick, famed fashion illustrator Rene Gruau’s 1960s “Air France” poster, which I highlighted last week in this post.

Rene Gruau Air France poster

Air France poster – Rene Gruau – 1960s

First up, Mike, who definitely nailed the hat and pose from the inspiration poster! He reflected the blue, yellow, and white colors in the poster by pairing together a light yellow shirt, blue jeans, and that cool white fedora. Very nice, Mike!

Mike's SIA outfit

Next is my friend Stephanie, who shows off a fantastic straw beach hat! So many cool details in her inspiration outfit, from the stripes in the hat to the neck scarf to the arty earrings to the graphic-print skirt.

Stephanie's SIA outfit

Next is SIA co-founder Salazar from 14 Shades of Grey, with another great straw hat! The yellow brooch is absolutely perfect for the inspiration poster, and I love that she chose her tan shoes as they were a match for the woman’s tan! 😉

Salazar's SIA outfit

Carrie from Petal by Petal is back, looking great in a graphic-print, black-and-white top. She was inspired by the strong black lines of Gruau’s poster — and make sure you visit her blog post to see a close-up of the top’s print, as well as how she added in bits of red.

Carrie's SIA outfit

Kezzie went a different inspiration route for a walk in the rainy English countryside. She got in some sunny, clear skies via her umbrella, and her outfit boasts the yellow, blue, and red tones from the inspiration poster. So charming!

Kezzie's SIA outfit

SIA co-founder Jess from Animated Cardigan is back from vacation with an awesome inspiration look! Stripes and bold colors and straw hats, oh my! 😀

Jess's SIA outfit

And finally, there’s me and my LBD and black straw fedora. Like Carrie, I loved the bold black lines of the poster, which are hallmarks of Gruau’s style. You can view more pics in my post from yesterday.

Librarian for Life + Style | LBD with quirky accessories

Thanks to all the ladies and gent(s) who participated in this week’s SIA post!! 😀

Next Monday, be sure to visit Jess @ Animated Cardigan for the next SIA challenge.


5 thoughts on “SIA round-up: Air France

  1. Mike

    Thanks Jen for the kind comments! I think that I was a little too literal on some parts but I think this one was open to many interpretations and I was happy to be able to pull it off. 🙂 Everyone here looks awesome as always! Thanks once again for including me. I had fun!

  2. Kezzie

    SO many nice hats!!! Alas, but that I had remembered at home to photograph a hat! I love all the different takes but my ultimate favourite is Jess- especially love the expression!x


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