Be my guest: Erikka | Baby shower outfit quest

Next up is another fellow librarian, Erikka! She’s here to share her quest to put together the perfect outfit for a special occasion, which I think we can all relate to. Be sure to check out her blog, Extra Ordinary. Thanks, Erikka! 

For one year, I vowed not to buy any clothes. This was for financial reasons and was a positive decision. However, I almost immediately started that downward spiral of feeling boring and dull, wondering just how out of style I’d be by the time I went shopping again. These wardrobe blues led me online to look for ideas on what I could do to improve my “look” without spending money. Eventually I came across blogs like Jen’s, Librarian for Life and Style. Her blog helped me re-imagine how to put my pieces together and breathed new life into my closet. Once I found her blog, I found others. I came across the idea of capsule wardrobes and a minimalist wardrobe. Both concepts gave me more ideas, and more outfits poured forth from my same old wardrobe.

All this is a prelude to how I came to be guest blogging at one of the very fashion blogs that helped me through my fashion woes. Because here I am today, my spending freeze over, more empowered as a shopper and as a fashionista than ever before. And I have Jen to partially thank for it! Jen posted her request for guest blog posts, and I felt like it would be an appropriate forum for me to not only say thank you to her, but to perhaps share what I’ve learned — and if I’m lucky, inspire someone else out there as she did for me. It has been one year since I started looking online for fashion tips, tricks and ideas, so I am in no way an expert. But when Jen put the call out for guest bloggers, I happened to have a fashion quandary on my hands and thought — Perfect! I’ll blog about my baby shower outfit quest and see what other people have worn or would wear.

Be my guest: Erikka

The color scheme was the first and easiest step. I knew I wanted to wear light, pastel colors that would also subtly intimate “baby-esque” hues, so I chose a pale pink or pale green shirt as the perfect base colors for a soon-to-be baby girl. Next, what to wear that would serve the purpose of comfortable, style, and class,  as this shower was at a posh country club.

Be my guest: Erikka

When I tried on the skirt and pale pink shirt combination (Option #1 above), I felt it did not flatter me. Something about the waistline and where the hemline hit my legs seemed to not emphasis my shape in its best light. Plus, none of the shoes that I own worked with it. Isn’t that the biggest problem for women -– five pairs of brown shoes and not one to work with this outfit?!

Be my guest: Erikka

The second outfit (Option #2 above) was cute and comfortable, but did not seem to have the touch of class I was looking for, probably because the quality of the shirt gave it too casual of an air for me (Old Navy). I would have been happy to rock the mint flats (gift) that match the shirt as I have not worn them often, but those too seemed to dress down the outfit more than I wanted. What I finally settled on was Option #3, the pale pink shirt (The Boutique in Stowe, VT) with the summer white pants (Charlotte Russe) and low tan heels (Target). The quality of the pink shirt was much nicer, and when paired with the shoes and accessories (see jewelry photo below), brought the jeans into the classy sphere.

Be my guest: Erikka

Overall, I was very happy with my final outfit choice. I felt comfortable and classy, and while mingling with the other guests, I noticed I was on par or on the more fashionable end of things. To me, fashion win!

How about you? What are your favorite Pinterest boards for quick inspiration? What are your go-to outfits for baby or wedding showers? What are your first steps in planning and putting together a classy, but comfortable, outfit?

Thanks again for reading my guest post and thank you Jen for having me. If you’re interested, head over to my blog, where you can learn more about me, my random adventures, and my deep thoughts on life. 🙂


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